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[PDF] ↠ Samlade dikter Author Edith Södergran – Tanitiyor.us
  • Hardcover
  • 207 pages
  • Samlade dikter
  • Edith Södergran
  • 03 August 2019
  • 9789515008367

Samlade dikterThe First Complete English Translation Of The Swedish Poetry Of Sodergran, Regarded As Finland S Greatest Modern Poet Her Poems Are Intensely Visionary And Have Been Compared With Rimbaud S, Yet They Also Show Deep Affinities With Russian Poetry, With The Work Of Blok, Mayakovsky, And Severyann In Particular.

Edith Irene S dergran was a Swedish speaking Finnish poet.S dergran was born in St Petersburg in 1892 In 1907, Edith s father died from tuberculosis and in the following year, Edith was also diagnosed with the disease She was sent to a sanatorium, but did not feel at ease there The feelings of captivity caused by the disease and the sanatorium are a recurring theme in her poetry.In October 1911

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    Edith S dergran 1892 1923 was born in St Petersburg and lived most of her life just over the Russo Finnish border in the small town of Raivola Between the ages of 10 and 16 she attended a German boarding school in St Petersburg, so her earliest poems were written in German At home the language spoken was Swedish around her in Raivola Russian and Finnish were spoken Actually, the Swedish her parents spoke was marginal and archaic, and though S dergran finally chose to write all her poems in Swedish, experts say that even her mature poetry was sometimes uncertain about word forms, gender, conjugational shifts, etc At the age of 16 she contracted tuberculosis, probably from her father whom it quickly killed , and she spent much of her short life in sanatoria This and some unrequited loves with older authority figures made for a rather unhappy life.She drowned her sorrows in languages and poetry, learning all the languages I ve mentioned so far, but also French, English and Italian Her primary influences were Goethe, Heine, Whitman , Rimbaud, Mayakovsky, Severyanin completely new to me and the German expressionists like Mombert and Lasker Sch ler And she read and read and read Nietzsche s writings The reception of her very direct, original and modern poetry was predictably cool, but now she is recognized as one of the finest poets in the Swedish language I ve admired her poetry ...

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    It was like if I suddenly understood poetry a few days ago It might have something to do with me and my girlfriend reading poetry together and being extremely romantic, I don t know, but something happened I have enjoyed poetry for awhile but never really like read it for fun before if you get where I m coming from But then I just suddenly read a bunch when I was sitting outside in the sun and Edith S dergran is my personal favourite poet so far.With her beautiful languange S dergran creates such relatable poems It feels like she s speaking to me directly and she just gets me and my feelings Her poems are about feminism, about sickness, about love, life and religion They are so different from eachother, yet she has an unique voice throughout all poems They provoke so much emotion inside of me and I also feel like I get...

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    This book was my late teens although I had to get a new copy, since I forgot it out in the rain on than one occasion Strange, really, poems wrote by a unwell young woman around 1920, but there you have it, you don t choose what you love.

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    Jag ska erk nna att jag l nade den h r efter att jag h rde Molly Sand n sjunga Jag e vierge moderne p radion n r jag var p v g till jobbet Har inte haft n got intresse av henne innan, s yay f r att nya tolkningar kan leda oss till originalen Jag l ser n stan aldrig dikter s jag r inte alls kunnig Den senaste poesi jag l ste var av Pablo Neruda och d blev jag inspirerad av en riktigt bra fanfiction som n mnde hans poesi Anyway, jag tycker mycket av Ediths poesi r superh ftig Det r mycket mer sex, erotik och KROPPAR n vad jag n gonsin hade kunnat f rest lla mig Det finns ocks en del som med l tthet g r att tolka som rena rama feminismskrik med en positiv klang p detta ord tack Men mitt personliga n je av att l sa har g tt v ldigt upp och ner Ibland har jag suttit och typ skrikit inuti mig sj lv om hur h ftigt det r att hon v gade skriva om alla de h r sakern...

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    A towering figure of Swedish Finish,North european poetry and her poetry has not dated one day since the first collection came out 1916 If she didnt come from a Nordic country she would be a bigger name like the biggest anglo saxon poets of modernist poetry One of few writers i have read that actually made the mundane in writing Swedish language a beutiful,poetic one Most literary scholars,students will tell you to make the Swedish language look poetic even in poetry is nea...

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    Vierge moderneJag r ingen kvinna Jag r ett neutrum.Jag r ett barn, en page och ett dj rvt beslut,jag r en skrattande strimma av en scharlakanssolJag r ett n t f r alla glupska fiskar, jag r en sk l f r alla kvinnors ra, jag r ett steg mot slumpen och f rd rvet, jag r ett spr ng i friheten och sj lvetJag r blodets viskning i mannens ra, jag r en sj lens frossa, k ttets l ngtan och...

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    Prior to this, I hadn t touched poetry in translation since April of 2016, so I m than a touch rusty when it comes to the genre Nevertheless, I ve loved items of it in the past, so the fact that most sections of this fail to inspire is as much a personal matter as one of aspects lost in translation I love the idea of Nietzsche and being ultra modern, but what I know of both didn t filter through the text as much as I expected it to, and while my straining at something to enjoy caught fire a few times The Elf Queen s Scepter for one , most of it left me cold It seems, loathe as I am to admit, much like Leduc s La B tarde, I went in chasing an interesting life and left with a less interesting creation that came from said life, an instance that falls too easily into the literary stereotype that a woman may only record, never create However, as both S dergran and Leduc each have a solid centerpiece of loyal fans, I ll let their respective audiences do the work that I wasn t fit for.S dergran s poems have strong intonations of what does and what will happen, juxtaposed alongside imagery of pale limbs and helpless abandonment before one nameless male master a...

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    1 Dikter D d Naturen.2 Septemberlyran Konsten, naturen Gud.3 Rosenaltaret Gudarna Syster.4 Brokiga iakttagelser r jag konstig om jag gillar den h r b st

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    Kauniita mielenkiintoisia lauseita Kauniit siskot, nouskaa lujimpien kallioiden korkeuksiin,me olemme kaikki sotijattaria, sankarittaria, naisritareita,viatonsilmi , taivasotsia, ruusuntoukkia,raskaita aaltoja ja eksyneit lintuja,me olemme v hiten odotettuja ja syvimm n punaisia,tiikerint pli , j nnitettyj kieli , t hti joita ei huimaa.Oman kalpeuteni t hden rakastan punaista, sinist ja keltaista,suuri valkoisuus on haikea kuin lumih m r Y n tullenmin seison portailla kuuntelemassa,t hdet parveilevat puutarhassaja min seison pime ss.Kuule, t hti putosi hel ht en l astu ruohikolle paljain jaloin puutarhani on sirpaleita t ynn.En halua kuulla sit surullista satuajota mets kertoo.Kuiske kuuluu viel pitk n kuusten keskelt ,huokaillaan viel pitk n lehvist iss ,viel pitk n liukuu varjoja synkkien runkojen v litse.Tule tielle Siell meit ei kohtaa kukaan.Ilta uneksii kalpeanpunaisena vaikenevilla ojanvierill.Tie juoksee verkkaan ja tie kohoaa varoenja etsii pitk n ymp rilt n auringon kajoa.El m on olla muukalainen itselleenj...

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