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[KINDLE] ❤ Beyond This Horizon ➜ Robert A. Heinlein – Tanitiyor.us
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  • Beyond This Horizon
  • Robert A. Heinlein
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  • 03 August 2019
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Beyond This HorizonHamilton Felix Is The Ultimate Man, The End Product Of Highly Refined Applied Genetics In A World That Has Long Since Banished Disease, Hunger, And War But No One Counted On What Might Happen If This Superman Got Recruited By A Cabal Of Dissident Revolutionaries

Robert Anson Heinlein was an American novelist and science fiction writer Often called the dean of science fiction writers , he is one of the most popular, influential, and controversial authors of hard science fiction He set a high standard for science and engineering plausibility and helped to raise the genre s standards of literary quality He was the first SF writer to break into mainstre

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    Beyond this Horizon by Robert A Heinlein was written ten years after Huxley s Brave New World and the influence from this genetic and sociological masterpiece is evident Also noteworthy is that the book was published during WWII and this may comprise Heinlein s response to Hitler s Nietzschian policies, especially ideas about elitist racism and possible supermen Cannot help wonder if Woody Allen thought of this book while producing Sleeper as at least a couple of scenes reminded me of the 1970s film, though the film was apparently loosely based upon Wells The Sleeper Awakes Heinlein would come back to this theme several times, most notably in Methuselah s Children and Time Enough for Love This is one of his earlier works and the reader can also see glimpses of his strong libertarian principles taking shape in the narrative Being one of his...

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    It s time to prepare for the 1943 retro Hugo awards that will be presented in 2018 Why Why not Some books deserve love even if they re before the Hugos even began In this case, novels published in 1942 are eligible Books like C.S Lewis s Screwtape Letters are technically eligible but really shouldn t be There s nothing much SF about the religious satire.On the other hand, I really enjoyed Olaf Stapledon s anti novel and worldbuilding masterpiece The Darkness and the Light that came out this year and please imagine how thrilled I was to learn that Heinlein also published a bona fide adult oriented novel, too He was generally known for his Juveniles by this point, so an early adult novel is something of a treat And fortunately, his writing is always polished and clear and sometimes funny and always full of light agendas It s Heinlein He s a very opinionated man In this case, we re treated to science lessons on genetics and a superior gene race of humanity planning on overthrowing the current Utopia The hero is the ultimate perfect superman and I kept thinking about the Howard families in his later fiction, the p...

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    I read this book when I was 11, and I don t care who knows I really liked it I don t guarantee I d like it as much if I read it again today I ll admit I can t remember all that much about it It s this future society run along sort of eugenic libertarian lines Everyone walks around carrying a deadly weapon, except for a few wusses If somebody offends you, you challenge him to a duel on the spot Or her, did I hear you ask Good question I don t think it ever came up.The bit I remember best is near the beginning They re having dinner at a fancy French restaurant, sitting on a balcony and eating bouillabaisse A member of the hero s party carelessly drops a crab claw over the railing, and it lands on a table below The guy downstairs pulls out his blaster, the hero is quicker on the draw, and honour is satisfied all round ...

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    This book answered a question for me that I ve wondered about for a long time what does an author do with his leftover story tangents that he likes but can t quite work in anywhere Answer he saves them all up for when he builds a great make believe alternate reality society but has no storyline to go along with it.Building great make believe alternate reality societies is what Heinlein just does naturally, like a fish breathing water In this particular novel, there are 2 fascinating aspects 1 Guided human evolution like old school dog breeding than outright genetic engineering that has increased physical strength and intelligence while nearly eliminating disease, and 2 a well armed society with impeccable manners.However, there s no real story here He instead clutters the book with tangents a man transported alive but unaging through time in a stasis fie...

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    Yeah, it s kind of a mess And remember Heinlein has a certain sort of disturbingly sexist attitude, doesn t understand women at all certainly the only armed one is seen as, erm, eccentric, to put it mildly.Females don t need guns because men aka people are all about being protective and chivalrous except when they re spanking the girls or otherwise dominating them, that is I did like Women will forgive anything Otherwise the race would have died out long ago And he gets a few other things right, like how to read that resource which replaces newspapers And I appreciate his view of amiable eugenics, as it seems carefully thought out given the context of the times For example, this was written a few years before it was figured out that genes are made of DNA, and well before the structure of DNA was determined to be the double helix And so, the methods of genetic selection described are, erm, interesting Heinlein is well read, and cle...

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    It was a delightful surprise to find that there are still Heinlein stories that I hadn t read in 2010 I would have bet against it It makes me really appreciative that Audible Frontiers is releasing some of the oldest and less popular books in audio.That said, this was one of my least favorite Heinlein novels I m such a huge fan that this is sort of a bad sex conclusion in that it just can t be that bad, but still it suffers by comparison It feels like an early groping toward characteristics in which he would ultimately become a nearly unparalleled master.Take the character development This is usually the best aspect of a Heinlein novel The characters in this novel have some remarkable aspects of development, but are still flatter and less sympathetic than what I expect from Heinlein.Similarly, Heinlein typically creates startling, vivid worlds extending in plausible ways from his own generally colored by his own startling benevolence and sense of hope There are interesting aspects of this world from his early occupation with social credit explained thoroughly in his posthumously ...

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    Beyond This Horizonby Robert A Heinleinread by Peter GanimBeyond This Horizon is classic science fiction with social commentary thrown in as you may expect from Heinlein Mankind has created a Utopian society where poverty and hunger are studied in school but don t actually happen any Mankind has also worked toward eliminating weaknesses in the human chromosome via gene selection and intentional breeding There are still some normal people referred to as control naturals that could potentially provide new genetic mutations for the good of mankind.Hamilton Felix genetically represents the best of what humanity has to offer He gets wrapped up in a group plotting to overthrow the government that thinks only the best of humanity should thrive in society while the control naturals are destroyed or used for experiments There is little risk or adventure in this society, so a bored Hamilton decided to act as a mole within this organization It s not really surprising that this novel came out in the 1950 s when eugenics and superiority of different races was a current topic.While their society is Utopian and futuristic, they also have notions of honor and violence such that people can get into gun duels when slighted I found Heinlein s debate of honor and privilege in this to be interesting in much the same way as his notions of earning rights by military service in Starship Troopers.I liked the main plot as described but thought it could h...

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    First time I ve read this book in several for some definitions of the word several It s mostly noted, and maybe notable for its first few sentences, where Heinlein uses phrasing to put you in the midst of his future world The door dilated is justly famous His portrayal of a society where everyone or most people carry weapons of one sort or another is known to with its supposed corollary an armed populous is a polite populous i don t buy it, and he really doesn t demonstrate here As David Brin pointed out recently, in an essay that reminded me I hadn t read this book in a long time, those who support its views on gun control pretty much ignore the other aspect of its utopia people get all their needs taken care of by the government Nobody has to work to earn a living Other points about the society are that there s a bureaucracy that is guiding society, mostly through advising people on their breeding and how to improve the race Eugenics As able as Heinlein is at using language in the first pages to dump you right into the world, the book is clumsy with a lot of its exposition, especially the early stuff about the eugenics wars Two people sit there telling each other what they would have known forever, just so we can hear it The plotting is a mess, too, with a silly revolution that is not well drawn, and some very silly male female relationship stuff In most ways, this book is a real failure.But As is often with Heinlein, I v...

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    An early example of Heinlein learning the craft of writing novel length works First published in serial form under his pseudonym Anson MacDonald, this was his first attempt For Us, The Living written during the late thirties and left unpublished until 2003, was an even earlier attempt a...

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    Before I read this book I had no Did Not Finish shelf Despite Year Zero, a book I genuinely disliked, I managed to grind through Beyond This Horizon possessed qualities that necessitated a new shelf Taken out of context, that s something It s probably the pull quote a publisher would stick on the back of the book, if I warranted quoting, while ignoring the ignominious reason for the statement.As a man of ideas, Heinlein was at or near the summit of science fiction writers As a writer, at least in this book, he was a man tumbling end over end down the mountainside.For proper perspective, it should be noted this story was initially released serially In which case you d expect short chapters with tight storylines and several resolved dilemmas within, maybe, an overarching story Instead, it s a patchwork of story arcs starring a main character, Hamilton Felix, with an enviable genetic makeup who refuses to pass it on to future generations for the good of society because mostly because he s bored and doesn t want his children to be bored Also, he hates children There s also a rebellion that wraps up a little than halfway through...

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