[PDF] ↠ Law and Disorder (Casus Fortuitus, #2) Author Brooke Edwards – Tanitiyor.us

[PDF] ↠ Law and Disorder (Casus Fortuitus, #2)  Author Brooke Edwards – Tanitiyor.us
  • Kindle Edition
  • 148 pages
  • Law and Disorder (Casus Fortuitus, #2)
  • Brooke Edwards
  • English
  • 10 November 2017

Law and Disorder (Casus Fortuitus, #2) James Carter And Derek Moore Fought Their Way Through Attraction And Misunderstandings To Get To Where They Are Today Sure, They Re Still Figuring Out How To Make Things Work Between Their Careers And Families, But Their Whole World Is Rose Tinted With The Glow Of New Love.Reality Hits With The Force Of A Speeding Truck When A Criminal Starts Waging A Campaign Of Terror Against The Justice System Suddenly Law Enforcement Officers And Lawyers All Across The City Are Living In Fear As Their Careers Put Them Right In The Cross Hairs Of A Deranged Killer And James And Derek S Honeymoon Period Falls To Ruins.With James S Protectiveness Driving A Wedge Between Them And Derek Pulling Away As The Target On His Back Grows Even Bigger, Their Future Is Thrown Into Jeopardy While Derek Struggles With Demons From His Past, It S Up To James To Catch The Killer And Put Them Back On The Path To Their Happily Ever After Sequel To Mens Rea Published In The 2015 Daily Dose Anthology From Dreamspinner Press.

Brooke Edwards is an Australian LGBTQ author and dreamer, slowly working her way through the stories that keep demanding loudly to be told She s hopelessly obsessed with procedural law enforcement shows, flawed human beings and coffee not necessarily in that order.A hybrid author, Brooke s first books were released through Dreamspinner Press in 2015 and 2016, followed by self published ventu

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    Law and Disorder is a continuation of James and Derek s story I think it s worth saying that this story is as much a crime murder mystery as it is a love story.James Carter is a forty four year old NYPD police chief, whose precinct is filled with colorful, funny, complex, and intelligent co workers But now that he s romantically involved with twenty nine year old US Attorney, Derek Moore, his life has been turned upside down even so when Derek becomes the main focus of a madman s obsession James s sole concern is to keep his guy safe, but that proves to be a daunting task as the two stumble and flounder while attempting to navigate the uncertainty of a new relationship when there s a killer out there I love the author s writing style It s similar to watching a movie or a TV crime show Each scene feels like the camera is fading to black, and I can t help but think of the two musical beats used in Law and Order This series is something else The cast of characters, no matter how big or small a part they play, add a perfect balance, resulting in a storyline filled to the brim with creative dialogue and painstaking attention to detail The sex scenes are non existent but are left to the readers imagination through teases of playful or sensual caresses and images of clothing strewn and tangled sheets I highly recommend this series and can t wait to start the next one Five star read for me.

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    4.5 stars rounded down to 4 because STILL no 1 2 stars here on GR More fun with James and Derek Law and Disorder basically picks up where Mens Rea ended and while James and Derek s relationship continues to move forward it s not without obstacles But when you re a police chief and an assistant USDA those obstacles take a lot of different forms James catches the bad guys and Derek tries them and bad guys they don t care about quality time for people in lovenot that anyone s used the L word yet But it s not until James is called to the scene of his latest crimea whole lot of dead sparrows all neatly lined up on the Justice Building that Derek and James begin to find out what busy means because those birds are just the beginning of a crime spree that s going to confound them all and happily me too I love it when I solve the crime with the characters and not ahead of themleaving me to wonder why these characters that I ve come to like aren t smart enough to figure out what for me was the obvious Happily that did not happen here and I was left to solve this with New York City s finest As events progress it does become increasingly clear that things are personal and whoever is behind the unusual events that are leaving everyone than a little confused has someone specific in mind.While the relationship between James and Derek is an important part of this story, I can t honestly say that I d call this a romance novel it s really of a mystery thriller story with secondary story line of romance But having said that the romance between these two is also a solid constant part of the story.If I liked the first storyI loved this one The banter between James and Derek for me is delightful The fact that these two men with busy and stressful careers have so little time togetherwellthat s reality and honestly it just made me appreciate how much precious their private time was While the usual cast of secondary characters are present we also have the addition of Briony, Derek s assistant and Peter Saracen who for some reason seems to really get under Daniel s skinmmmmI wonder what s up with that and best of all we get to meet Derek s parents As the story progresses along with the questions of who and why things are happening there s also a question of will James and Derek s relationship survive James s protective instincts are in overdrive and Derek s habit of distancing himself and handling things on his own are putting them at odds with each other and causing a rift one that James will need to bridge because Derek s reaching his limits on how much he can take.I really like this author s writing style While the story moves at a good pace and there s a lot going on I was kept interested and my mind was engaged from start to finish without being overwhelmed It was nice not having to wade through a lot of unnecessary details trying to sort through them and figure out what mattered nor was it so sparse that things were blatantly obvious.My one and only niggle and really it was a small one becausegreedy me I wanted a bit of Derek and James after all was said and done and the dust had settled but having said that we did get a complete story, Derek and James are left in a good place and there s no cliffs anywhere in sight sowhat can I say I m greedy I like these two and I just wanted time with themmaybe in the next story with any luck they re bound to take a vacation eventually, right A copy of Law and Disorder was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I really enjoyed Law and Disorder It was like reading an episode of a crime show James and Derek s relationship is part of the story, but there s an ensemble cast of characters, all involved in supporting the MCs and solving the crime It s fast paced and I like the author s style of writing which I found particularly suited to the style of story.

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    3.5 rounded up Solid story and characters set in a cops lawyers, crime drama type plot This author has a solid writing style, and the book is fast paced I generally like a bit of heat in m m stories the characters had chemistry, but there is very little in the way of on page steamy scenes We re given teasers, and indications of intimacy between the MCs, though Elements of the plot gave me creepy shivers, which is a good thing, IMHO I enjoy reading Brooke Edward s books, and will explore available novels by this author.

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    Lovely, lovely continuation of the first novella novelette I was on the edge of my seat towards the end, so worried about what would happen with the case This book has fade to black sex scenes, which may be off putting for some readers and a welcome surprise for others.

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    3.5 STARSBefore picking up this book I re read the short story Mens Rea, which precedes Law and Disorder Mens Rea is the story of James and Derek meeting and getting together, so I figured that knowing that story could only benefit this one But I m not so sure it s necessary Because that first tale is so short, there s little time for character development I went into Law and Disorder assuming I knew these men, but then realized that I didn t I think that threw me off a bit, and my enjoyment of the beginning of the story suffered I should also note that this story is written in present tense, which I always feel uncomfortable reading until I get through a few chapters And even then I ll randomly get put off the story if the tense stands out to me again So, giving the author the benefit of the doubt because I did enjoy this story after I hit about 30% , I m going to shelf my initial issues under it s not you, it s me.James and Derek have been dating for three months, but with their hectic work schedules they struggle to find the time to see each other James is the veteran cop, fifteen years Derek s senior, and he often wonders why this utterly gorgeous young man is interested in being with him The age gap doesn t matter to Derek except when James acts as though Derek needs looking after When the bizarre slaughter of animals escalates into the butchering of people connected to Derek well, you can see how James might go a little overboard with the protection.It felt as though the plot took a little long to start gaining momentum, but when it did it was rather interesting I loved the strange animal kills that the author included, it was something a bit different from the norm, but in the end the bad guy wasn t overly exciting.The author provided an interesting cast of characters, including a slew of secondary characters, some of who are obviously going to get their own story As for James and Derek, Ms Edwards did a commendable job of convincing me of their relationship despite the age gap, and despite the many hours they spent apart at their respective jobs I loved the way they craved each other and the way they couldn t wait to get their hands on each other when they did manage to get together.Overall I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading of this series.Reviewed for Love Bytes Reviewshttp lovebytesreviews.com 2017 11 0

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    3.5 stars Age gap, some crime solving and a murder mystery all together Count me in Brooke Edwards Law and Disorder is all of that and A fast paced book that reads like a crime show on TV, Law and Disorder sucked me in from the very first page and never let up through all the twists and turns Police Chief James James Moore and hot shot US Attorney Derek Moore are fabulous together, full of that wonderful chemistry that just leaps off the page When dead birds show up meticulously placed on the steps of the courthouse, James and his team are on the case trying to put all the pieces together As and weird and increasingly gruesome scenes start showing up, James begins to worry when all signs point to Derek being the target I loved the tension as the investigation ramps up, loved how protective James was of Derek, while trying to balance that with Derek s need to keep things as normal as possible James and Derek really just worked for me as a couple Flirty and sweet with one another with lots of snarky banter is all my cup of tea There was an intensity there between them that although there are no explicit sex scenes and everything is fade to black, and often not even fading, just abrupt endings it is apparent that these two are madly in love with one another and enjoy a healthy sex life I don t always need sex in my books to enjoy it, but here I would have liked to see those intimate moments of connection The secondary characters all were fantastic From James s son, Sam to Derek s best friend, Daniel, they all added so much to the story It s always a good thing, in my opinion, when the main character s have an extended circle and an author shows them outside of the bubble of their relationship I hope there s to come in this series and I d recommend checking out the short prequel, Mens Rea to see how James and Derek began It s just as good as Law and Disorder Brooke Edwards is definitely an author I ll be keeping an eye on in the future this review will also be posted on www.diversereader.blogspot.com

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    A Joyfully Jay review 4.5 starsI found Law and Disorder to be a good book I love a good murder mystery, especially when it s mixed with a romance and well written characters I liked James and Derek very much They were smart, dedicated, and sexy They had a good chemistry together There was witty banter, along with personality clashes, and sexy moments although, like in Mens Rea, actual sex takes place off camera I loved how James was so protective of Derek, even though it annoyed Derek to no end They hadn t admitted they loved each other yet, so I thought it was romantic, but apparently Derek wasn t thrilled.Once again, the background characters played an important role in the story There was Daniel, of course, but Derek s sister, Lara, and her fianc e, Ben were back Also, Sam and Lydia, James son and Sam s girlfriend They brought along a lot of humor, but I have to say, I was a little annoyed with Lara, Ben, Sam, and Lydia There is a murder investigation going on, and they kept insinuating themselves into it Sam would do things like barge into the police station insisting to know what was being done to protect his father Lara did the same, and she was also so nosy about James and Derek s relationship, it was downright frustrating and than a little unprofessional.The mystery itself was a good one At first, there didn t seem like there was any connection to Derek, but it became clearer after every incident I was actually excited that I had no idea who the killer was until James, Derek, and the others figured it out It was completely out of left field, and I was impressed Several red herrings were dropped, and I fell for one or two of them It s pretty rare when I don t figure out the whodunit That s how you know the plot was well thought out.Read Kenna s review in its entirety here.

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    Talk about a crazy read with twist and turns that I did not see coming at he beginning of the book I enjoyed this read but I will be honest in saying that it was slow going at first It was not until about half way through the book did the mystery within the book finally kick in full affect Once that happened it was an extremely good read But I was still left at the end of the book wondering what exactly was the issue between the two main characters that other supporting characters kept referencing too I never really caught on to what the problem was between them even up to the end so that left me kind wondering what it is that I missed.James is a police officer who has fallen for a prosecuting attorney, Derek Things seem to be going good between the two of them except for He fact that James is dwaling with a very strange case at work It is frustrating James and Derek can see the tension that he is carrying with him because of it.But the that the case starts to heat up the it is looking like the case is linked to the man that James has fallen for As things escalate with the suspect the the facts are turning towards the suspect is targeting Derek in some form or fashion.Can James figure out who is behind everything before things are taken too far and either him or Derek or both are caught in the psychos crossfires I enjoyed his read but like I stated I was left questioning some things But regardless of that I enjoyed he read and I think others will also I look forward to by Brooke Wdwards in the future.Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review

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    Brooke Edwards Law and Disorder is a fantastic follow up to her novella Men s Rea, where we first meet James and Derek Now, as they move forward with their relationship, they are in danger as they are trying to catch a murderer This book is definitely of a mystery than a romance, but everything happening does threaten their relationship Law and Disorder is a good, entertaining story, with a great pace and a whole lot of events happening Don t blink, as this author really gives you your money s worth Her writing style is impressive, as she is a huge stickler for details, yet never bores the reader, instead using these details to add to the story I love James and Derek, so my only complaint would be that I would have loved of them They have great chemistry and are so fun together As well, I adore the secondary characters and all they add to events, including their humor.With Law and Disorder, Brooke Edwards gifts us with a whole lot of twists and turns, keeping the tale thrilling and intriguing I loved it and recommend it to fans of suspenseful romances.

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