☂ The Diamond-Studded Typewriter PDF / Epub ✐ Author Carlton Keith – Tanitiyor.us

☂ The Diamond-Studded Typewriter PDF / Epub ✐ Author Carlton Keith – Tanitiyor.us
  • Hardcover
  • 153 pages
  • The Diamond-Studded Typewriter
  • Carlton Keith
  • English
  • 05 July 2018

The Diamond-Studded TypewriterEnter Jeffrey GreenDramatic Entrances Were Strictly Out Of Jeff S Line As A Handwriting Expert, He Knew About Faked Signatures Than Felonious Assault But There He Was In An Isolated New Jersey Cabin, One Shoulder Riddled With Shotgun Pellets Thanks To Lovely Alice Anthony, He Had Found That Documents Could Be Deadly.Alice Had Strolled Into His Office One Day With Some Documents That Were To Link The Identities Of Her Missing Father And A Recently Murdered Man Named James Garvin Garvin S New York Apartment Soon Became A Happy Hunting Ground For A Fortune In Diamonds, Turning Jeff Into An Unhappy Trailer Of Suspects The Track Was To Lead From Garvin S Apartment To A Farm In Virginia And Finally To The Encounter In The Deserted Pine Barrens Of New Jersey And The Crime Was To Prove A Compound Of Multiple Identity, Smuggling And Murder.

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    Well The Diamond Studded Typewriter 1958 by Carlton Keith was quite a pleasant little surprise For starters we have James Garvin returning to his apartment after a trip to England and doing odd things with a typewriter, a few envelopes, and a beautiful diamond necklace He no sooner finishes his little chores when an unknown to the reader person comes sneaking in through the kitchen and shoots him Next up, we have Jeff Green documents expert who specializes in identifying verifying handwritten and typewritten materials Jeff is brought into the case by Alice Anthony on behalf of her mother and herself Her mother has seen the picture of James Garvin in paper and swears that the murdered man is her delinquent husband The women want Jeff to use his expertise to prove that James Garvin and Albert Anthony were the same person so they can make a claim on any property he has left behind It seems that Anthony cleared out the couple s bank account when he disappeared twenty some years ago leaving his wife and daughter in difficulties The Puzzle Doctor over at In Search of the Classic Mystery has been discussing the issue of spoilers And let me assure you and him that it is no spoiler to tell you that we also have a very soft tip of the hat to The Maltese Falcon We don t venture very far into the story before we know that there are all sorts of characters who are interested in A James Garvin for personal and financial re...

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    Thought since I loved

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