[Download] ➵ A Viagem do Elefante ➾ José Saramago – Tanitiyor.us

[Download] ➵ A Viagem do Elefante ➾ José Saramago – Tanitiyor.us
  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • A Viagem do Elefante
  • José Saramago
  • Romanian
  • 07 October 2018

A Viagem do ElefanteCalatoria Elefantului, Roman Aparut In 2008, Relateaza Voiajul Epic Al Lui Solomon, Elefantul, Calatoria Pe Care A Facut O In Secolului Al XVI Lea, Cand Regele Joao Al III Lea I L A Oferit In Dar Varului Sau Maximilian, Arhiduce Al Austriei Nu Este Un Roman Istoric, Ci Un Amestec De Fapte Reale Si Imaginare, Indemnandu Ne Sa Recunoastem Realitatea Si Fictiunea Ca Fiind O Unitate Indisolubila, Trasatura Majora A Tuturor Marilor Opere Este, De Asemenea, O Reflectare Asupra Conditiei Umane, Cu Umor Si Ironie, Trasaturi Ale Viziunii Autorului, Nemilos De Patrunzatoare, Venind Impreuna Cu Acea Forma De Infinita Compasiune Cu Care Saramago Percepe Slabiciunile Umane.

Jos Saramago Foundation is currently based in Casa dos Bicos, a Portuguese landmark building in Lisbon Saramago s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public.Jos Saramago, together with his wife Pilar, were the subject of the award winning documentary

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    This is the story of the book Knowing it will not spoil the enjoyment of it one whit, if you do choose to read it.The story is based on the Portuguese King Joao III s gift of an elephant to the Archduke Maximillian and the delivery of the gift from Lisbon to Vienna The major characters are the elephant Solomon and his mahour Subhro The story is of the King, what happens on the journey to the officers who escort the elephant and at the end of the journey, the Archduke Maximillian arrogantly renames the elephant from Solomon to Suleiman and the mahout to an inappropriate Fritz.The end is both picaresque and that of a fairy tale It is two years after the elephant has arrived in Vienna and he has died They have cut him up for souvenirs and umbrella stands and the mahout has been apid off, generously, by the Archduke The last we see of Subhro, he has reclaimed his name, is riding off on a mule, on a journey he never completes trailing a donkey who bears a wooden box containing all the possessions that mahout possesses.A short while later, the letter announcing the death of Solomon reaches King Joao III and his wife The king was very sad but the queen refusing to be read the contents of the letter locked herself in her room and spent the rest of the day in tears.It is a beguiling book, the language is so beautiful, it is witty and humouros but it is not a great book, just a...

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    a fall from grace can come very swiftly, or, as the Romans used to say, the Tarpeian Rock is close to the Capitol That idea, though not that exact expression, was in my mind from the beginning of The Elephant s Journey.A very likeable character called p ro de alc ova carneiro features impressively in the early pages of this tale He is secretary of state to the king of Portugal and his thinly veiled ironic responses to the monarch s rather dim questions cause the reader to worry for his safety we see him being thrown from the nearest high rock if he doesn t soon mend his ways Although p ro is a master of nuance, the equal of many a great Shakespearian character, he doesn t merit a capital letter in this story characters names are rarely written with capitals in Saramago s books Nevertheless, the reader begins to hope in the early pages that p ro will play a capital part in the tale But Saramago quickly dampens any such hopes concerning the very patient and clever p ro, whom we may not see again, although perhaps we will, because life laughs at predictions and introduces words where ...

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    Here is a wonderful story, especially, I think, if you have a deep connection to animals It is the story of Solomon the Elephant and his keeper, Subhro, and their journey as a gift from King Joao III of Portugal to his cousin Archduke Maximillian Hapsburgs in 1540 or so The voice is third person historical and wonderfully relaxed and unrushed It is a novelist s voice embellishing on historical fact It s hard to understand just why the archduke Maximilian should have decided to make such a journey at this time of year winter , but that is how it is set down in history, as an incontrovertible, documented fact, supported by historians and confirmed by the novelist, who must be forgiven for taking certain liberties with names, not only because it is his right to invent, but also because he had to fill in certain gaps so that the sacred coherence of the story was not lost.Omniscience is avoided This is especially evident in the narrator s refusal or inability to enter the thoughts of Solomon The animal is thus shown a certain respect and the limitations of the voice are clearly indicated We do not know what he Solomon is thinking, but, in the midst of these Alps, we can be sure of one t...

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    Saramago was having some snacks at a restaurant, when he noticed some engravings of an elephant on the walls He enquired about it and was informed about an elephant, back in the sixteenth century, who had journeyed across the continent and through the peninsula and then passed on into legend Saramago felt there was material for a story there and set out to investigate a bit about the historical details of this long journey The result is this book It was supposed to...

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    Do You Know the Way to Pan Jos I m afraid whatever subtlety and charm this novel supposedly has was lost on me.I normally like to read an author s work chronologically, rather than jump in at the end and work backwards or around I broke my rule in this case, and now I m left wondering why Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize Is this, his last novel before he died in 2010, another case of the Nobel Curse, where you never write another decent work after you get the big one Help me decide which of his novels to read next Please This novel was relentlessly linear There was no narrative arc that I could detect, unless you count the climb upwards through the Alps.There were rarely two paragraphs on the same page The longest I recorded before I stopped counting was 12 pages Yet there was no apparent need for this longevity Sentences were just added together with no cumulative effect, dynamism or creative tension.Saramago was perfectly competent at establishing the feel of 1551 era Portugal, but every now and again the third person narrative anachronistically mentioned all s well that ends well 50 years before Shakespeare used the term, if you don t attribute it to John Heywood in 1546 , film, cameras and the third way between capitalism and communism, without any apparent purpose or effect, other than to alie...

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    shortly after he began writing the elephant s journey in 2007, jos saramago was stricken with pneumonia and would conclude the year hospitalized in lanzarote from complications a mere day after his discharge the following january, he resumed efforts on the novel, completing it in august 2008 hence the book s dedication for pilar, who wouldn t let me die, a tribute to his wife and translator of his works into spanish saramago would go on to finish another novel cain, to be published in english in 2011 before he passed away on the cusp of summer earlier this year at the age of 87 the elephant s journey is saramago s fictionalized account relating the true tale of an elephant given to archduke maximilian as a wedding gift from his uncle, king jo o III of portugal, and its triumphant voyage upon foot and ship from lisbon to vienna in 1551 how saramago became inspired to tell this particular story is as serendipitous as any of the fantastic plots he is famous for having created following a guest lecture at the university of salzburg, saramago s inquisitive nature, ev...

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    Yes, this is a book of historical fiction It is based on a true event in history In 1551, King Jo o III of Portugal gave Archduke Maximilian an unusual wedding present an elephant named Solomon The elephant s journey from Lisbon to Vienna was witnessed and remarked upon by scholars, historians, and ordinary people , this being a direct quote from the book description.And yet this book is primarily a book of humor To be explicit, it is a book of ironic satire It is written with modern terminology We are not to analyze the appropriateness of the terminology These are NOT the expressions of the 1500s They are not meant to be Instead, we are meant to chuckle at the incongruence of our modern way of thinking and the historical events as they unfolded It is very funny, and I praise Saramago for his ability to make me laugh Read this book to laugh, not to learn of an historical event.I chose to listen to this book because it does not employ the normal rules of punctuation I do not like such writing Paragraphs and rules of punctuation help a reader understand wha...

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