➻ White Hot Kiss Free ➱ Author Jennifer L. Armentrout – Tanitiyor.us

➻ White Hot Kiss Free ➱ Author Jennifer L. Armentrout – Tanitiyor.us
  • Paperback
  • 428 pages
  • White Hot Kiss
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Italian
  • 02 February 2019

White Hot KissIl Primo Bacio Potrebbe Essere L UltimoMet Demone E Met Gargoyle, Layla Ha Poteri Che Nessun Altro Possiede E Per Questo I Guardiani, La Razza Incaricata Di Difendere L Umanit Dalle Creature Infernali, L Hanno Accolta Tra Di Loro Pur Diffidando Della Sua Vera Natura Ma La Cosa Peggiore, Un Autentica Condanna, Che Le Basta Un Bacio Per Uccidere Qualunque Creatura Abbia Un Anima Compreso Zayne, Il Ragazzo Con Cui Cresciuta E Di Cui Innamorata Da Sempre Poi Nella Sua Vita Compare Roth, E All Improvviso Tutto Cambia Bello, Sexy, Trasgressivo, Un Demone Come Lei, E Non Avendo Anima Potrebbe Baciarlo Senza Fargli Alcun Male Layla Sa Che Dovrebbe Stargli Lontana, Che Frequentarlo Potrebbe Essere Molto Pericoloso Ma Quando Scopre Fino A Che Punto, Tutto A Un Tratto Baciarlo Sembra Ben Poca Cosa In Confronto Alla Minaccia Che Incombe Sul Mondo.

Hey Guys Please note I don t send out ARCs for review If you re interested in reviewing a book of mine before release date, please contact the appropriate publisher I also do NOT check my Goodreads email.To email me, please use the below addy jenniferlarmentrout live.com 1 New York Times and 1 International Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Charles Town, West Virginia All the rumors yo

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    Not everyone is created equal I pursed my lips I don t think I m special Roth looked at me again But you are You re a half demon that is also half Warden This is standard Armentrout Fans of her books will love it, people who wants something a little lessformulaic, like me, will be disappointed I keep reading her books, hoping that something will change for the better So far, nothing had.This book is about gargoyles and demons But don t get the wrong impression It s less this And this This is standard Armentrout in that 1 The main heroine is the star of the show, there is no doubt about it, the universe revolves around her and only her2 There is slut shaming There is an ample shortage of meaningful female friendship, there is plenty of slutty girls around, including her best friend, all designed to make the heroine seem virginal, chaste, and pure in contrast3 The heroine is special, different, one of a kind, due to only the fact that she was born to an extraordinary heritage she does nothing to earn our respect4 There is a love triangle, and further than that, almo...

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    I Could Not Finish This.I tried And then I tried some But nope, not happening.You know what Perfection really is boring Perfection is meaningless, unrealistic and so fucking boring Armentrout tries to create perfection A perfectly all good, virginal, amazing, everyone wants to bone me, kickass heroine who faultlessly exists at the centre of the universe, while beautiful, perfectly sculpted, hot boys just orbit around her constantly It s boring And you know what else perfection is It s all tell and no fucking show.So this girl Layla is amazing, right She s so SPESHUL Gifted Wonderful Beautiful We are told all of this and yet never shown examples of it She s special because she was born into it, not because she does any damn thing to prove it She s amazing, we are told, but I m still uncertain what s really so special about her in action Everyone wants this girl, we are told, but god only knows why Oh, and she s totally badass apparently Maybe I would have noticed if she wasn t so busy being saved all the time.Then there s that love triangle yawn I think the descriptions of men are often what separate the romance stories I actually enjoy from the ones th...

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    You know what I ve figured out Jennifer L Armentrout is a panderer Meaning, she always writes the same formulaic stuff and always has to have extremely hot, six foot something bad boys that are there to solely make the main character s and the young teen female reader s panties melt.What do I have to say to that Well, first of all,Secondly, here are a few examples of her not even a little bit subtle pattern Taken from the blurb of Wait for You Cameron Hamilton is six feet and three inches of swoon worthy hotness, complete with a pair of striking blue eyes and a remarkable ability to make her want things she believed were irrevocably stolen from her She knows she needs to stay away from him, but Cam is freaking everywhere, with his charm, his witty banter, and that damn dimple that s just so so lickable Getting involved with him is dangerous, but when ignoring the simmering tension that sparks whenever they are around each other becomes impossible, he brings out a side of her she never knew existed Taken from the blurb of her new book Wicked Ren Owens is the last person Ivy expected to enter her rigidly controlled life He s six feet and three inches of temptation and swoon inducing charm With forest green eyes and a smile that s surely left a stream of broken hearts in its wake, he has an uncanny, almost unnatural ability to make her yearn for everything he has to offer But letting him in is as dange...

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    My Roth, Layla and Zayne Layla is half demon, half Warden But brought up by Wardens, daily fighting her demon urges, she hates everything demon connected But what happens when her perception of demons is ruined forever I am not sure what happened here I love JLA and all her previous paranormal stories But this one did not live up to my expectations So what was my biggest problem with this book It wasn t the love triangle or the fact that heroine was perfect example of damsel in distress No It was the fact that most of the banters and dialogues between characters were super cheesy and childlish There were so many clich s it wasn t even funny And action was almost non existent or really boring It took 80% and whole week of reading until I was at least a bit hooked in the story And that was just too late for me When it comes to love triangle in this book, there was only one guy for me And after reading this book, I am Team Roth all the way Zayne who Roth was definitely the best part of this book A big contradiction Cocky and arrogant, yet caring and self sacrificing I really enjoyed those parts of the book when he was pr...

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    if you know me, you know i love JLAs stories with nearly every fibre of my being but i was hesitant to pick this up, only because it just didnt really interest me the only reason i did is because storm and fury a spin off comes out soon, and it actually sounds really good so here i am fortunately, this turned out better than i thought it would as someone who is still slowly, but somewhat successfully, immersing themselves into the paranormal genre, gargoyles just seemed a bit much but it actually isnt that cheesey i just think that JLA has the power to write about anything and i will really enjoy it however, some points are marked off for the love triangle or strong hint, thereof im not really a fan and dont understand their purpose usually i can tolerate them for the sake of reading b...

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    This is one of those kinds of books that just fit me and my mood perfectly at the right moment I loved every single thing about it I think this series is going to rival Lux for me I can t wait for everyone to read it

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    Romance and gargoyles Woo hoo

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    It feels so good re reading this trilogy Review to come in a few hours.

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    May have ordered the rest of this series Oops

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    Bin mit dieser Reihe wohl mal wieder nicht wirklich up to Date aber ich habe den ersten Teil schon mal super gerne gemocht und hoffe, dass es so gut bleibt in den beiden Folgeb nden Den Schreibstil von Jennifer Armentrout mochte ich ja bisher in all ihren B chern und so auch hier Ich konnte mir wieder alles sehr gut bildlich vorstellen und man flog nur so durch die Seiten Die Geschichte und die Welt erschien mir in sich logisch Bei den Kampfszenen h tte ich mir etwas mehr Action und Magie gew nscht Auch der Gegenspieler h tte noch etwas mehr Charakter haben k nnen und einfach anwesender sein k nnen I...

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