[Download] ➸ Contagion By Daniel Ausema – Tanitiyor.us

[Download] ➸ Contagion  By Daniel Ausema – Tanitiyor.us
  • ebook
  • Contagion
  • Daniel Ausema
  • 07 October 2019

Contagion Targeted By A Mad Scientist S Deadly Serum, These Outcasts Band Together To Fight Back.Spire City Is Home To Mighty Machines Of Steam Power And Clockwork, And Giant Beetles Pull Picturesque Carriages Over Cobbled Streets, But There Is A Darker Secret Behind These Wonders A Deadly Infection, Created By A Mad Scientist, Is Spreading Through The City, Targeting The Poor And Powerless, Turning Them Slowly Into Animals A Group Of Those Infected By The Serum Join Together To Survive, To Trick The Wealthy Out Of Their Money, And To Fight Back.

Daniel Ausema grew up in West Michigan, surrounded by orchards, hay fields, glacial lakes, and stands of oak and maple trees He earned his BA in English Literature and Spanish in 2000 After working in experiential and alternative education for a while, he moved to Colorado with his family and settled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains He is now a stay at home father His fiction and poetry have

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    Spire City is a steam punk fantasy complete with a mad scientist targeting the poor and destitute of a port city The story focuses on a few outcasts who have banded together for safety They live in what they call the Weave, basement rooms of an abandoned building in the wrong side of town While the rich and working class go about in beetle drawn carriages and steam powered trains move goods in and out of the city, these outcasts struggle to survive But that s really hard because they have be...

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