!!> Reading ➶ Daring the Wild Sparks (Wild Sparks, #2) ➮ Author Ren Alexander – Tanitiyor.us

!!> Reading ➶ Daring the Wild Sparks (Wild Sparks, #2)  ➮ Author Ren Alexander – Tanitiyor.us
  • Paperback
  • Daring the Wild Sparks (Wild Sparks, #2)
  • Ren Alexander
  • English
  • 23 December 2018

Daring the Wild Sparks (Wild Sparks, #2) In The Follow Up To Chasing The Wild Sparks, Hadley Beckett S Quest For Wedded Bliss Perseveres What Would You Do If The Love Of Your Life Were Closer To Making Your Dreams Come True Riding High In Her Relationship With Her Sportscaster Local Daredevil Boyfriend Finn Wilder, Hadley Beckett Makes Plans Concerning Her Future With Finn Big Plans Infamously Anti Marriage, Finn Promised Hadley He D Consider Taking Her To The Altar If She Gives Him Time Diving Headfirst And With Encouragement From Friends, Hadley Formulates Her Own Way To Handle Finn If He Can T Commit To Her Soon Knowing She Has An Uphill Climb Ahead Of Her, Hadley Is Still Determined To Succeed, Yet Is She Unwittingly Destined To Fail

Ren Alexander is the author of seven novels in contemporary romance, including The Wild Sparks Series, The Keys to Jericho, and UNSCREWED She was born in Wheeling, West Virginia and graduated from West Liberty University, where she received a B.S in criminal justice Although interested in that field, her true passion was reading and writing She currently lives in Detroit, Michigan with her hus

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    I love this story and I can t wait for the third book to come out The story continues with Finn and Hadley Becks and their struggle to each have what they want in a relationship and in life Does one give while the other takes How should they decide who gives up their convictions What happens to the couple if it feels all one sided This is so true to live in so many aspects and Ren Alexander does a terrific job of makin...

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    Daring the Wild Sparks Wild Sparks 2 by Ren AlexanderWhat would you do if the love of your life is closer than ever to making your dreams come true Riding high in her relationship with her sportscaster local daredevil boyfriend, Finn Wilder, Hadley Beckett makes plans concerning her future with Finn Big plans Spending time with Finn at his parents house for Easter, Hadley can t wait to share some of her ideas with him, hoping he will go along She knows she has an uphill climb ahead of her, but she s optimistic that after what they recently went through, Finn will be receptive to what she has to say.Infamously anti marriage, Finn promised Hadley he d consider taking her to the altar if she gives him time Diving headfirst and with encouragement from her best friend Morgan, Hadley devises a backup plan if Finn can t make a decision soon However, her other close friend, Rod, disagrees with Morgan s advice, partly to just oppose her in spite, but also having actual valid points of his own Feeling conflicted, Hadley takes both of their suggestions and blends them together, formulating her own way to handle Finn On the other hand, unbeknownst to Hadley, Finn has ...

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    I loved the story for quite a few reasons 1 Rod and Morgan are absolutely hysterical I can not tell you how awesome the witty banter back and forth was 2 Finn and Hadley aka Becks those two drive me absolutely insane Seriously after 3 years either get it together or move on 3 Rick and Simone I hate to speculate, b...

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    4.5 AMAZING STARS This series is fantastic, and it just keeps getting awesome as a rip through each book Full review to be written soon

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    Hadley Beckett and Finn Wilder are back and at it again Ms Alexander does not disappoint with the latest installment of our favorite fighting, loving and laughing couple She just keeps getting better and the characters develop into real people with hilarious personalities before your eyes There is so much pressure for a Forever between the two lovers from family, friends and each other trying to push them to make a decision Who will give in first, Finn or Hadley Finn performs an outrageous stunt for his TV News segment The Wilder Side , after Hadley dares him to show her how much he loves her It says true love like nothing else ever could Nevertheless, you know what Hadley really wants, a marriage and a baby with Finn They fuss and make up so many times over this is it will make you dizzy Finn just wants her to live with him, he says it s still a commitment and he needs her beside him However, Finn Wilder has a secret, which he never tells Hadley unless she is asleep As a reader, we are let in on his biggest secret Not spoiling it for you Yes You are my home That s why I want you living with me The only time I feel like I m truly home is w...

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    I found myself NEEDING to pick up Daring The Wild Sparks after finishing Chasing The Wild sparks Ren Alexander is able to provide well written scenes that is able to move me as a reader, enabling me to feel like I was part of their gang With the capability to feel the emotions and thoughts of Hadley Finn.Daring is written over the duration of Becks Hadley Finn spending Easter at his parent house Becks is very much welcomed in Finn s family, so much that they already see her as a daughter sister They ensure Hadley throughout the visit that she will never be viewed any different regardless of Finn s refusal to marry.Becks undeniable love for Finn is one that can be appreciated by anyone, the public loves Finn to pieces but she will always be his biggest Finnatic Needing Beck to prove Finn s devotion to her she Dares him to prove to her his love hoping that what he comes up with will be substantial than the boyfriend girlfriend status.Finn takes her dare and proves his actions on live television ...

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    In Daring The Wild Sparks, we can see the depth of each other s love But we also see that Hadley and Finn feel inferior to the other that they doubt what the other one truly feels It is true with relationships of those we know in our lives People have internal struggles along with outside conditions that make them not truly trust the feelings their partner has for them and even doubt what they feel for the other Both Hadley and Finn want the same thing to be soul mates forever They both often tell the other how they feel but they are both coming from different ideas of the future that puts stumbling blocks in the way Hadley continues to want to be with Finn, the love of her life but she believes in marriage first then living together as husband and wife She also desperately wants to have children with Finn Finn wants to marry secretly Hadley but with his experiences with others marriages he does not want to end up losing Hadley to a divorce He feels that marriage is a love killer He does not want to ...

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    I don t even know where to start I freaking love this series Daring the Wild Sparks is book 2 of the series, it picks up exactly where Chasing the Wild Sparks leaves off, so if you have not read the first one, stop right now and go One Click it Seriously why are you still here Finn is still being the stubborn jack ass that he is Ok, that may have been a little tough on him Finn is still the ever loving boyfriend we all fell in love with, doing everything he can think of to prove his love and commitment to Hadley Well, everything except proposing to her Becks is struggling with what she wants verse what she is willing to let go of in order to keep her relationship strong and keep Finn happy Can she except that she will never marry her soulmate, never carry his children, is their love for each other truly enough Throughout this book, we are once again brought into deep raw emotions between these two Many times I want to hit both of them Sometimes I would be yelling at Hadley, is this argument really worth loosing him He loves you dammit The next second I m cursing out Finn for being so damn stubborn Some of the co...

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    OMG I FEEL DEPRIVED Finn and Hadley are at it again in the continuation of their story from Chasing the Wild Sparks The setting for this book is Easter weekend and the revelations during this weekend for them are WOW I actually felt like slapping both Finn and Hadley in this one because the suspense is killing me The inevitable evidence against their love for each other is awesome And the dare that he shared with Hadley was so sweet and inexplicably shows his love for her, but still her insecurities are playing ping pong in her head There are so many things that happens in this story and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT The dual POV s is still there and like the first one there are times of emotional distress for me because I thought a few bad things were going to happen, but didn t Or did they I love how they argue about real issues that a lot of couples go through and the biggest one of all is that couples have trouble communicating with one another Yes they can both solve the issues, but at what cost Hadley knows what she wants, but is she willing to sacrifice them for Finn Or will Finn ever change his mind about his issues These are questi...

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    The title of this book is great The first book is Chasing the Wild Sparks and this one Daring the Wild Sparks You will be feeling Wild Sparks after reading these I love these books I love Finn I think you will too I think I like him a tiny bit than I do Hadley Don t get me wrong, I love her She just hits too close to home for me Then I start thinking, wow, did I nag my partner that much The answer is YES lol What is ironic is that I have been thinking lately how cool it would be for an author to write a romance about my life Well, folks, this is pretty much it lol I will say it isn t one of my finer moments But I understand the passion, conviction and frustration Hadley feels I m already ahead of myself As we know she has an awesome sauce boyfriend, Finn, who loves her than the air needed to breathe He doesn t want to get married, she does His issue about being married makes her reevaluate her beliefs and makes her wonder if she gives in to all his wants, what happens to hers Can she live happily ever after with him if it means never being married I could write on this subject for days, especially since I got engaged after being with my Finn for 10 years Yes, 10 years lol Take the ride with Finn and Hadley You will laugh...

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