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[BOOKS] ✯ Infidel ✴ Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Tanitiyor.us
  • Kindle Edition
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  • Infidel
  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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  • 13 September 2018

InfidelThe Brutal Murder Of The Dutch Film Maker Theo Van Gogh In 2004 Shocked The World Shot And Mutilated By A Muslim Fanatic As He Cycled To Work, It Was A Stark Reminder Of The Dangers Of Challenging An Extreme Islamic Worldview It Also Changed The Life Of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Van Gogh S Collaborator On The Film That Had Offended His Murderer Born In Somalia And Raised A Muslim, She Had Escaped An Arranged Marriage And Made A New Life As A Dutch Parliamentarian, Championing The Reform Of Islam And Its Attitude To Women S Rights She Now Has Twenty Four Hour Police Protection, But Refuses To Let That Inhibit Her Willingness To Speak Out.THE INFIDEL Is Ayaan Hirsi Ali S Astonishing Story Recounting The Extraordinary Transition From A Third World Upbringing To Her Current Status As One Of TIME Magazine S 100 Most Influential People In The World, It Is A Truly Remarkable Autobiography That Is As Gripping As It Is Inspiring.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Somali Ayaan Xirsi Cali born Ayaan Hirsi Magan 13 November 1969 in Mogadishu, Somalia is a Dutch feminist, writer, and politician She is the estranged daughter of the Somali scholar, politician, and revolutionary opposition leader Hirsi Magan Isse She is a prominent critic of Islam, and her screenplay for Theo Van Gogh s movie Submission led to death threats Since van Gogh

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    I was watching the BBC s Muslim Beauty Pageant and Me hosted by and starring Dina Torkia, an English Muslim who wears hijab, not the black stuff but pretty fabrics I thought this is going to be good Balance I m going to see that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is feverishly hysterical and that what she says might apply to the immigrants from Africa and even so from Arabia, but not to British Muslims.The girls, who all wore hijab and a lot of makeup looked very pretty They had to undergo physicals and psychological testing to make sure they would be the best representative of Miss Muslimah and a shining example to Muslim women all over the world Our girl thought the psychological testing was a bit much with one of the questions being would you rather spend time with friends or have sex LOL The girls liked singing Dina said that she had been taught that singing, like her body and her hair, were part of her attributes that should be hidden from men and she was really surprised it was acceptable I was surprised that her language Oh my God shit and her husband s what the fucking hell was considered acceptable from one so religious but perhaps that is me imposing my ideas on one of another faith But all this 21st century modernity went pear shaped and proved Ayaan right in the end They went to a village and ...

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    Any woman born as a Muslim who has the courage to write a book openly critical of Islam has my respect A woman who has the brass to title that same book Infidel has my rapt attention Infidel by Ayann Hasli Ali is shocking, brutally honest, and captivating This woman s courage and resilience are a testimony to the human spirit The letters and phone calls between her and her father are painfully real and troubling, especially when read in the context of the harshness and violence of the culture from which she came Most endearing, though, is her indefatigable sense of hope and optimism, despite all that she had seen and been through She is not blindly accepting of western culture, she calls it like she sees it, the good, the bad, and the ugly, but she draws a stark and real portrait of the contrast between two worlds Also important to read was her observations and perspectives of the 9 11 attacks At the time, Ayann was a political refugee in Holland These attacks and the world s responses thereafter led her on a spiritual journey of questioning her ...

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    MARCH 25, 2015Immensely disliked this book and tired of all the comments so I took down my review Moving on

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    Infidel is the personal story of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali woman who, after a loveless childhood to put it very mildly , came to Holland at the age of 20 claiming refugee status to escape an arranged and forced marriage, and to assert her independence She was accepted, found her way around, studied political science, became a citizen, fell away from Islam, and became a member of Parliament In 2004 she and Theo van Gogh made the short film Submission Part 1 , which resulted in Theo s getting killed and Holland s being thrown into near chaos For her security, she was hidden for two months and a half A bit than a year later, when the book was almost finished, her citizenship was revoked but later reinstalled, she resigned from Parliament, and left for the US to work at the American Enterprise Institute Surely stuff for a book, but that s not even the main story.The main story is the oppression of Muslim women, back where Hirsi Ali grew up but also in Holland, where African Muslim immigrants often seem to live the way they used to outside Western society and in disregard of Western values The descriptions are stark Husbands who are almost universally evil, mean, and violent They are completely unaware of the fact that their wife is a person, an individual, a partner A man would b...

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    I m kind of shell shocked The squishy Liberal views that have, up to now, dominated my concepts about immigration, multiculturalism, integration, Islam, the burqa, and a live and let live philosophy, have all been shaken and stirred beyond recognition Hirsi Ali is an extraordinary woman, to have survived and risen above her incredibly dysfunctional upbringing Dysfunctional in part because her family was rife with superstition, anger, and violence largely because her mother was a volatile and depressed Muslim fundamentalist, from an incredibly restrictive culture, who foisted a whole stack of bizarre ideas upon her children But her father was not a lot better Her description of her childhood in Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Kenya is quite overwhelming For me one of the outstanding features was the degree to which it was permeated with burdensome religious ideas and the heinous practices that these ideas generated Even just the degree of time they had to spend learning about Islam and the Quran, meant they were limited in the time they had to learn about other things.The incredible thing was that when Hirsi Ali fina...

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    Last week, I heard a colleague ranting about Islam and women s rights He was reading this book and espousing Hirsi Ali s views The next day, I lent him my copy of the Quran so that he d have some background on the basic text of the religion he was trashing I tend to find that all of the major religious tomes are ridiculous, hopelessly outdated, and that it s not a flaw in religion but a fault of those interpreting fundamental texts in fundamentalist ways when religion becomes less a spiritual undertaking of peace and worthy living and a set of doctrines used against those who disagree and or were raised differently For the record, I think religion is a load of garbage, but I recognize its many compelling characteristics, the difficulty of coolly analyzing the components of one s upbringing, and the charisma of leaders who believe strongly in something.In any case, the day after my friend grumblingly accepted my Quran, saying he was just sick of the whole thing, he handed me this book Anyone on this site can see that I have a lot to read, and my list is carefully weeded Having already read _Desert Flower_ some years ago, I was actually slightly annoyed to be put in the position of either a reading 350 pages, probably a rehash, that I didn t have time for or b not reading it and therefore admitting, in essence, that I am one of those people who likes to tell others ...

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    I feel like my imagination isn t big enough to even begin to comprehend what life is like growing up in Somalia, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia as a female Muslim with an absent father and an abusive mother Even though Ayaan does a good job covering her youth and describing her life to those who have no frame of reference for that kind of life, it still is hard to imagine It goes without saying that those of us born and raised in the United States have been so amply blessed its almost beyond comprehension So, the most interesting part of the book, in addition to getting an insider s view and perspective on Islam, is when Ayaan makes a run for it and becomes a refugee in Holland This happens about two thirds through the book, so by the time she makes her escape, I was almost numb to the brutality of her existenance as a female Muslim Watching her discover democracy and a country where people don t routinly kill one another is most amazing It gave me a fresh perspective on our way of life, and how great it truly is, despite its faults Ayaan, after realizing that this non Muslim country was a great place, even though her up bringing told her that all non Muslim places would be awful, she begins some serious soul searching about her faith Again, very interesting to watch her question and reason with her faith and the Western lifestyle I won t give a...

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    This would have been a four star rating, but I m upping it to five because this book has significantly altered my world view I ve been one of those western liberals, thinking that Islam is mostly about peace and that the violence of it stems only from the fanatics I m revising that stance now and am wondering how I could ever have been so blind.Here in Norway, where I live, everyone is ever so willing to adapt to immigrants We change our school traditions so that we do not offend people who have chosen to come here It s ridiculous It would never happen the other way around This book confirms my view and is concerned at how some asylum seekers form enclaves and refuse to adapt to western society I saw this particularly during the years I lived in Germany, with the Muslim women who could not speak a word of German I too was an immigrant, but I learned German enough to get by in six months.I am straying Anyhow This book is about the life of Ayaan She is Somali and grew up in several countries Already in the 1980 s Somalia w...

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    If I ever decide to make a list of the most important books I ve read Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali would surely find its place on it.First time I ve heard about Miss Hirsi Ali it was after murder of Theo Van Gogh because of his film Submission part one which he made in collaboration with Hirsi Ali Theo has been shoot and slaughtered in the middle of the day and the letter for Hirsi Ali in which assassin is promising the same to her was staked with knife in Theo s chest It was really a huge shock with big impact across the Europe.Later Submission part one was in the program of the Free Zone Film Festival here in Belgrade and among the guests was Belgrade s Imam and the conversation after projection was very interesting Sadly I would have much and much better question now after reading this book.Anyhow Infidel was one of the most wanted books on my wish list and you can t imagine my thrill ness when I saw in Belgrade s bookstores that it has been translated in Serbian I ve read book in one swallow and then reread it slowly but it raised the same emotional reaction.It starts with the life of her grandmother and later mother in Somalia with such a vivid description of very strict life in Muslim community Her grandmother was an incredibly strong woman capable to accept the destiny and justify it as an Allah s wish You might think that her actions might be quite brutal with her granddaughters and also comparing with the treatment with her grand...

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    This masquerades as pure autobiography of the daughter of an iconic Somali revolutionary, who was absent for most of her life and left her, her brother, and her sister to be cared for by a heavy handed grandmother and an abusive mother If I were rating the review as an autobiography, I would give it an additional star As an autobiography, it does not let you down, although it does drag a little slower towards the end.When reading this book, however, you quickly realize that there is somewhat of a political agenda I am not sure if most Americans would understand this since most would know very little, if they know anything at all, about Ali The fact is that she is, again, the daughter of a highly respected Somali nationalist and revolutionary She also served in the Dutch parliament, which later became scandelous when it was disclosed that she had lied to obtain refugee status When you look at her whole life, however, it s easy to justify her lying Anyone who says they would not lie to escape some of the circumstances she endured in Somali, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopa and Kenya is lying She also became famous for her speeches and holding up the art mirror to Muslim society, in pa...

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