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!!> Epub ➤ Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast  ➣ Author Ani Phyo – Tanitiyor.us
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast
  • Ani Phyo
  • English
  • 04 April 2017
  • 9780738215228

Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast Looking For That One Miracle Diet That Will Simply Melt Pounds Away Here It Is Premiere Raw Food Chef Ani Phyo Breaks Down The Myths And Preconceptions Of Eating Raw And Offers A Revolutionary, Easy Plan To Help You Shed Up To Fifteen Pounds In Just Fifteen Days Simply By Eating Delicious Raw Meals The Plan Is Simple Eat Up And Speed Up The Fat Burning And Weight Loss By Using Simple, Living, And All Natural Ingredients With Ani S Signature Recipes Look Forward To Not Only Losing Weight, But Also Building Muscle, Boosting Endurance, Slowing Down Aging, And Feeling Energized All Day Long.

Ani Phyo is an organic eco chef, author, whole food and sustainable agriculture advocate and founder of SmartMonkey Foods Phyo s book, Ani s Raw Food Kitchen Easy, Delectable Living Food Recipes published by Marlowe Company, is in its 8th printing She is a well known advocate of the raw foodism lifestyle promoting uncooked and unprocessed foods that are organic, sustainable, and supports

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    My first Ani Phyo book It works I have lost.9 pounds each day like clockwork I am already raw vegan but my normal choices in produce, nuts and treats did not match the shopping list in the book No wonder my weight has been climbing since I began eating raw vegan over 9 years ago.I spent a little less than my normal budget for a week of food I have followed the plan without the expensive SuperFoods I ordered some matcha and have added it to my menu yesterday, so I find the extras are not necessary to get the results.If I didn t want to lose weight I would buy this book The use of fresh herbs is refreshing The soups are wonderful I appreciate the recipes being calculated for one serving.I have doubled them when I prepare them and find the smoothies and soups hold up for two days if I need them to.I am so happy with the book It s easy to ...

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    Fat Blast does what it says on the cover knocks the weight off but that seems to be what the title is concerned with rather than what the contents of the book address This is a book about establishing healthy wholefood habits centred on raw fresh veg, and weight loss is merely a side effect EDIT The title was changed from Fat Blast to Detox for reprints fitting High in micronutrients, it s a healthy plan that hits most RDAs most days unusual for 2 week diet plans This program, however, is less of a diet and of a plan for a starting a healthier lifestyle High in flavour, it s tasty but it s quite low in calories but you fill up fast because there s plenty of fibre If you don t skimp and make sure to double up on meals if you re hungry or have higher activity levels as Ani recommends it s an easy, generous plan and you ll do well There were several occasions when I had 1 2 extra serves, but a couple of times I didn t finish the meals.If you aren t accustomed to eating a lot of greens, some of the greener smoothies and soups might be a little hard to take You might need to go a few rounds with this plan to reboot your taste buds Taste is a habit that can be changed given a little time As an ex vegetable hater, I can attest to that.The shopping lists and recipes are easy to follow You can replace some of the oil with some wholefood carb calories ie bananas, dates,...

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    I was vegan who ate very little grains or pasta before trying this diet The diet was easy to understand The shopping lists were very helpful and the recipes were easy to prepare and most were quite tasty I did not lose weight within the first 15 days, but decided to repeat Phase II and Phase III of the diet as suggested if you wish to lose weight During the 3 4 week, I lost several pounds about 4% of my body weight I also maintained a regular exercise schedule with 30 40 minutes on an elliptical trainer twice a week and one weekend hike of than 1 hour in duration per my normal exercise schedule Since my husband and I want to continue with some weight loss, we continue to use the raw food diet approach most days, having a smoothie for breakfast and one or two snacks and having salads or raw meals for lu...

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    I am a big Ani Phyo fan Her raw vegan recipes are usually fairly easy to follow and always taste great In this book she makes them even simple and guides the reader along with a 3 phase plan for losing fat and increasing health and wellness I will likely never be 100% raw or even 100% vegan for that matter, but I think this book is a great way to ease into it, add of these foods to your life and is great when you really just need to deto...

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    I m starting a raw vegan cleanse and picked up this book for information Overall I really loved this book, the program is easy to follow today is day 1 and so far the shakes and soups have been tasty She has a really positive and encouraging tone throughout the book and I really appreciate that she s not shaming me for being a meat eater She talks about ways to include animal products back into your diet if you are using this just for a detox She does encou...

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    Super easy read Recipes are very quick and simple I d recommend this to anyone who thinks eating vegan or partially raw is difficult or overwhelming This book, like all of Phyo s work inspired me to change up my daily eating plan and to bring back many healthy elements it was missing.

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    I really liked this book As you see I have yet to rate this book This is because I myself have yet to try out the diet But I will be, and when I do I will let everyone how and if it works But as far a recipe creativity and information goes, I d give it a 5 stars What I really liked about the book was that there was no need for a dehydrator As someone in the process of finding a home, I don t have the money to invest in something like that right now So this plan makes the diet easy a accessible for everyone All you really need is basic cooking items, a food processor, and a blender You can easily get away without owning the spiralizer Side note, if you get the chance to, Id say get yourself one of them Its a cool and inexpensive gadget that s a lot of fun to play with in the kitchen Plus you can make a lot...

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    Even though I ve been vegan for 3 years and vegetarian for 6 years before that and gluten free almost as long as vegan I know that I haven t exactly had the best healthy diet I ve read all of Ani s other books and have tried recipes here and there but have found it difficult to transition to a raw or mostly raw diet In this book Ani provides step by step instructions and a lot of motivation to get started She makes a case for raw foods that isn t elitist but like a good friend wanting to help you feel better, if that makes sense So many raw foodists at least most that I ve encountered tend to come off as I am better than you because I m pure but Ani is just so encouraging, matter of fact and excited The day by day plan is totally laid out for you, with room for variation if you want The recipes are easy to follow no need for a dehydrator in this book And the meals are tasty I already recommended this to many people because although the title s...

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    This is one of five books I bought to maximize use of my new Vitamix I believe eating natural foods over processed ones lead to a healthier, happier life I ve been curious about how to eat a nutritionally balanced plant based diet While I don t often crave meat, I don t see myself banning it permanently from my life The introductory chapters are clear that Ani promotes a vegan lifestyle My raw food consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and I avoid legumes, grains, gluten, and animal products Alternative, less stringent eating options are promised in later chapters.I plan to follow Ani s 15 day detox plan in the hopes of boosting my energy levels Th...

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    I love Ani Phyo s style and I ve loved every single one of her books This is a great cleanse to try since it doesn t involve fasting A worthwhile attempt that would do the body good once or twice per year Only downside is that our 4 year old wasn t a fan, so no cleanse for him just yet.

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