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!!> Read ➹ Midwinter of the Spirit ➼ Author Phil Rickman – Tanitiyor.us
  • Kindle Edition
  • 544 pages
  • Midwinter of the Spirit
  • Phil Rickman
  • English
  • 12 July 2018

Midwinter of the SpiritWhen Offered The Post Once Styled Church Of England Deliverance Minister, The Reverend Merrily Watkins Parish Priest And Single Parent Cannot Easily Refuse But The Retiring Exorcist, Strongly Objecting To Women Priests, Not Only Refuses To Help Merrily But Ensures That She S Soon Exposed To The Job At Its Most Terrifying And Things Get No Easier As An Early Winter Slices Through The Old City Of Hereford, A Body Is Found In The River Wye, An Ancient Church Is Desecrated And There Are Signs Of Dark Ritual On A Hill Overlooking The City.


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    A creepy yet cozy paranormal British mystery that takes place in a sleepy English village The writing is excellent, and I love all of the main characters Plus, I m loving some of the quirky minor characters This one, the second in the series, lost a star due to the Moon storyline, which never really captivated me, although being crucial to the plot, it was necessary The audio version, read by Emma Powell, is also very well done I couldn t ask for anything from this series so far One other note about the audio Not sure why the audio performance does not include the one page Closing Credits , which is much than just a list of people the author wants to acknowledge It explains that the novel is set in a real location and loosely based on real people I found it really increased my creepy factor to learn that there actually is a Deliverance minister in Hereford And there really was a Denzil Joy I decid...

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    This is the second in the Merrily Watkins series, which sees her training for the post of Diocesan Exorcist in the Church of England, or Deliverance Consultant, as the Bishop Call me Mick prefers to name it The previous holder of the post, Cannon Dobbs, seems to resent the post of a female Exorcist and Merrily also has to battle her own concerns and problems Especially after she is called to the bedside of a dying man, after the nurses claim they are afraid of him Like all the Phil Rickman books I have read, this is a novel with several inter weaving threads running alongside each other We have Merrily s daughter, Jane, and her older, new friend, Rowena There is Lol Robinson and a vulnerable young woman, Catherine Moon A haunted care home, Satanism, anonymous letters and struggles within the Church.I listened to the audio version of this, read brilliantly by Emma Powell, who brought all of the characters to life I look forward to reading on in this series, as well as ex...

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    Listened to in audio format Midwinter of the Spirit is the second book in the Merrily Watkins series.Reverend Merrily Watkins is a mum of one who joined the clergy after her husband died The book starts with Merrily on a course to become a deliverance minister The diocese already has a deliverance minister called Cannon Dobbs who is due to retire shortly A new bishop has joined the diocese who no longer wants to use the word exorcism and prefers the sexed up phrase deliverance minister When the local hospital asks the bishop for a deliverance minister he gives Merrily s telephone number The patient is dying but is so malevolent the nurses want spiritual guidance from the church to protect themselves His final death scene was so shocking it left Merrily shaken Merrily s daughter Jane does not agree with the church and is interested in spiritualism She di...

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    This is the second book in the Merrily Watkins series by Phil Rickman and I enjoyed is a great deal I had previously written a review of the book but it seems to have disappeared from my goodreads shelf and I could not leave one of my favourite reads without a review.Merrily Watkins is the new vicar of Ledwardine in Herefordshire she is also the Diocesan Exorcist or Deliverance Minister Merrily is a single mother widowed with a teenage daughter There is some sexism in the Church of England regarding her appointment and Merrily has to be a strong character in order to hold her own and do her job in the best way that she can.The book is really scary and the character of Denzil Joy made my flesh crawl When I discovered that there is a Deliverance Minister and that the person Denzil Joy really existed I was astounded and even affected by the story Things in Ledwardine and at the Cathedral become very frightening and also very dangerous for Merrily and her daugh...

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    I really tried with this book as the reviews were so good and the synopsis sounded original I have rarely read a book of this genre either so curiosity played a hand in my choice initially As already mentioned I really tried but struggled with it It was quite slow at first and I didn t like the the slowness of pace I found that every time I began to get faintly interested the story jumped to another characters such as Lol and Moon or a different topic I found this confusing and it prevented me from interacting with all the charac...

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    Well, nothing but spoilerrific and superficial thoughts from me view spoiler Iiii was really sort of not expecting the ALL HAIL SATAN plot, and I hope the baddies don t show up in sequels I liked Lol OMG that is one highly unfortunate TLA in the modern world a lot better in this book, but Merrily how did she get her name, anyway altho I like that her daughter has, in reaction, the plain name Jane seemed weaker and feebly entrapped I could smell the Bishop for the rat he was ten miles off, and I thought all along Dobbs wasn t that bad I still don t think he stuck her with the awful dying Joy ho, ho but it was a little disappointing when Merrily just handed the great big exorcism over to him Huw saying Come along, Tommy to the relic was great, tho I thought Huw was possibly morally grey, or even grey black, for maybe a third of the book, which I thought was pretty good authorial ambiguity given that the last half is a dust up between the Forces of Light and SATAN Jane s voice didn t seem as goo...

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    Whereas the first book about the new female parish priest of Ledwardine eased its way slowly into paranormal territory, this second book jumps in with both feet It opens with Merrily taking classes on how to be a Deliverance minister , which is the hip new way to say exorcist This seems to be a real Church of England thing.I am surprised at how much I liked this, since ghosts and demonic possession and satanism are not the kind of fantasy I usually prefer Rickman s writing and his pacing are really excellent this is absorbing and suspenseful.And while subtle is not the word I would use for the paranormal stuff, I am impressed that nothing actually happens in the book that couldn t be explained away rationally All the supernatural evil elements are a matter of perception, although they certainly feel real to Merrily, and to other characters, and they are treated seriously I appreciate the absence of people floating above their beds, or heads spinning around, or por...

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    Wow I loved this book especially as it was based in Herefordshire where I have made my home Such a beautiful county.I have read several books by Phil Rickman previously but not this one, I came to this book when I saw that it was going to be turned into a TV program Unfortunately work has been manic and I missed the first installment on TV so I cracked on with the book It drew me in from the first pages Merrily is unlike any vicar I could have imagined, she drinks, smokes and swears Then again she is only human.After several chapters I sought out the 1st TV installment and I must say I was a bit disappointed it differed vastly from the book So I set the programs to record and got on with reading Much rewarding I would recommend the book over the program any day.Its all the interesting reading a book based in a location you have knowledge of and I found myself driving around and then even doing extr...

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    While I really enjoyed this book, I would rate it a low 4 stars due to the fact that it felt quite disjointed I would have preferred a better flow The chapters were short, and within the chapters were POV shifts Perhaps the book was written this way to create that feeling of confusion But, it will in no way prevent me from reading books in the series I m quite invested with the main characters Merrily, Jane, Lol This book dove mu...

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