[PDF] ✐ On the Banks of Lethe ⚦ James L. Grant – Tanitiyor.us

[PDF] ✐ On the Banks of Lethe ⚦ James L. Grant – Tanitiyor.us
  • Paperback
  • On the Banks of Lethe
  • James L. Grant
  • English
  • 05 March 2018
  • 9781600760518

On the Banks of LetheOne Day Charles Receives A Voicemail From A Frantic Woman Who Notes All The Time They Spent Together When They Were Younger She S Coming To Dallas To Be With Him And She Still Loves Him Charles Has No Idea Who She Is This Is A Story Of Memory, Betrayal, Trust, Two Pennies And A Dead Man.

James L Grant was born in the 1970s, in Oklahoma, during a tornado, to a Japanese father and American mother Two weeks later, his parents realized they were living in Oklahoma, and moved back to California, where he spent the vast majority of his youth in a tiny town called Big Bear He sometimes spent the summer at his uncle s ranch in Apple Valley, where he learned to shoot, rope and ride hor

10 thoughts on “On the Banks of Lethe

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    Guessing at the date on this one.I ve been an avid Grant fan since I began reading Flem comics, way, way back in the day now I snagged his books as soon as they came out back then I ve since sort of lost touch with his work Long overdue to catch up.

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    I started reading this and quickly grew attached to Beck I expected a rekindled romance and forgot it was a thriller after getting so wrapped up in the couple The ending was very unexpected, but I kind of love how it turned out I wish the ending could ve been extended

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    When he was a teenager, Charles experienced something terrifying and wonderful Years later, he s forgotten it until he gets a call from a woman he can t remember who says she loves him and she s on her way to him On the Banks of Lethe by James L Grant, is a quiet sort of horror novel that has an interesting story at its heart if you can get to it.I had high hopes for this, being a fan of Mr Grant s online comics and horror and general While it was far from a poor read, I didn t find it to be the breakthrough terrifying and emotional tale that other reviewers did The idea behind it is clever, but I felt a bit like I was reading Stephen King s It by way of Goth Town They re far from identical, but they share some of the same ideas, and while Lethe is a intimate story, it s not nearly as well written or engaging as I might have hoped for Mr Grant crafts a clever, different story from your typical horror novel, but a lot of it is too vague or mystical to be really frightening or awe inspiring He also has a tendency t...

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    A for mystery building, B for climax ending, C for dialog I was not impressed with the start of the book, but the plot twists made it worth the read The main characters were reasonably well built, and the dialog was better in the middle than at the beginning or end There was rather sex than I expected could fit in the timeline not being a teen...

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    Very original writing, and a griping book It had a twist in the middle that I really didn t expect, and the ending was very surprising.

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    The second half of the book is not at all what I expected, but very well done Really manages to grab at your emotions.

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