Read ✓ Never Mind The Botox By Penny Avis –

Read ✓ Never Mind The Botox  By Penny Avis –
  • Paperback
  • 358 pages
  • Never Mind The Botox
  • Penny Avis
  • English
  • 08 September 2018
  • 9781848766624

Never Mind The Botox Never Mind The Botox Is A Series About Four Professional Women All Working On The Sale Of High Profile Cosmetic Surgery Business The Beau Street Group Each Book Reveals How The Women Cope With One Of The Most Glamorous But Challenging Deals Of Their Careers, And The Dramatic Impact It Has On Their Personal Lives With A Briefcase In One Hand And A Glass Of Wine In The Other, Can They Navigate Their Way Through A Surreal World Of Boob Jobs By Day And Intrigue By Night And Still Keep Their Own Love Lives On Track Rachel Altman Is A Corporate Financier With A Prestigious Accounting Firm Who S Desperately Trying To Keep On The Straight And Narrow Hopelessly Led Astray By Her Bar Diving Boyfriend, She Gets The Chance To Turn Things Around When Her Boss Gives Her The Break She S Been Waiting For But When The Deal Doesn T Go As Planned Rachel Panics, Sparking Off A Chain Of Betrayal And Lies That Threatens To Ruin Both Her Love Life And Career.The Series Can Be Read In Any Order.

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    After reading Alex, the first novel in Penny Avis and Joanna Berry s Never Mind The Botox book series, I was intrigued by this new series It revolves around 4 women Alex, Rachel, Meredith and Stella who are all involved in the sale of a cosmetic surgery clinic and as the deal moves along each woman has their own troubles to deal with All the stories are different, but it all revolves around the sale of the Beau Street cosmetic surgery clinic Clever, right I liked the first book The characterisation was weak instead focusing on the plot but it was an enjoyable read so I was excited to read book two, to see what Rachel Altman s story was Sadly, though, I wasn t a big fan Which, perhaps, wasn t helped by the fact that it took me almost two weeks to read it due to work commitments.Rachel is the financier at Beau Street, making sure everything they re saying is correct, that all their records are squeaky clean and that the sale to Equinox can go ahead But when problems start to arise both professionally and personally, Rachel is put to the test, particularly when it comes to her boozy boyfriend Harry I don t really know how or why Rachel fell apart, but I just couldn t get on with the b...

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    3.5 stars.Never Mind The Botox is such a fun read It is a series of four books featuring four high flying, career driven women and how a cosmetic company takeover affects each of them Each book takes a look at a different woman and they can be read in any order as they do not follow on from each other This one is about Rachel, the corporate financier and how she tries to keep straight in order to do better and get that director promotion she s been waiting for but her boyfriend is selfish and constantly convinces her to stay out drinking at all hours of the night and heading into work late due to or with a hangover I like to think of Never Mind The Botox as being a chick lit with a soul Instead of going over the woes of a love sick fashion slave it looks at the life of a career driven woman and how her working life affects her personal life.I was struck by how real a lot of the stuff in this book felt You believe that these characters could exist, and as ridiculous as a lot of the going ons in Rachel s life might seem, you can t help but believe they could really happen That being said it does contain a lot of humour I was caught laughing at my book times than I can count and that really is what I m looking for in a good chick lit a good sense of humour Th...

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    This is the second book in set of four books about four professional women all working on the same deal the sale of a high profile cosmetic surgery business I started this book with a little apprehension as it follows the same deal, I was concerned there would be too much repetition that would take away my enjoyment.This second book focuses on Rachel who works for a prestigious accounting firm and is working to discover the valuation of the business, and any skeletons in the closet that might affect that.Penny Avis co author trained as an accountant and until 2009 was a high flying corporate finance partner at Deloitte Once again, like for the first book, this has allowed Avis and Berry to create a realistic world and transaction which makes it all the interesting to read This thing I love most about this series is they don t just focus on one aspect of the heroine s life not just her shopping habit, her love life dramas or her high flying career It incorporated all aspects of the working women creating wonderfully 3D characters Real life working women don t JUST go to work they also go out and play These books really focus on both sides of the career women and boy does it work for them I felt the social side with Rachel but it s certainly also pr...

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    I didn t realise when I agreed to review this book that it was the second in the series but thankfully the books can be read out of order so I didn t feel like I was missing anything when reading it, it s a quick, easy read although I did find it difficult to get into and it was a good 100 pages before I felt comfortable reading it The story is good, and I like the idea that the four books follow four different women working on the same deal, so you see each aspect of it, but I felt none of the characters really had much of a personality, they all spoke the same and the over use of the words Rather and Quite drove me crazy Aside from one glimpse into Rachels past, which was for the storyline, I didn t feel like we got to know her very well, I don t know how she got into her job or why she chose it and other than her boyfriend and going out drinking we didn t find out much about what she likes, it caused a bit of a disconnect so I didn t care much about the character I do think this would make a good beach read in the summer as it s not a complex story and I did read...

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    I really enjoyed this novel, it was something a bit different to what I normal read which was a refreshing change I liked where the book was set and how there are three other books in the series and the main characters in those books appear in this book Rachel s character came across as a strong, independent woman that didn t need any help from any man in her life I found it entertaining reading about Rachel and Harry s relationship, it was very much a relationship where the man was in control, until Rachel finally worked out that she could do a lot better then Harry I liked the writing style of the book as it was so easy to jump right in feet first into the story, there was lots going and there were points in the book that I was thinking ahead of what Rachel s character was thinking The whole concept of the book was really interesting I enjoyed reading about what Rachel did as a job and who her circle of friends were The ending was really good as she finally saw sense and changed what was wrong with her life, one being her boyfrien...

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    The setting for this story was interesting, I don t know a lot about corporate finance and how businesses are sold, so it was a bit hard to understand some of that side of things, but it was all kind of explained throughout the story as Rachel talked about her job to friends throughout the book.The main character, Rachel, seemed quite realistic in that she has quite a few flaws, for example staying out late when she has work the next day, I can totally relate to that But I didn t feel like I got to know her very well and when she makes decisions there was no explanation about why she made those decisions.I also had trouble believing some of the unrealistic relationships in the story For example, there s a nurse who is having an affair with at least three men at once, which I guess could happen, but it seemed a bit hard to believe for me.Overa...

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    It was a decent plane read You can see plot coming from miles away so don t expect surprises One thing I did appreciate is that the main character isn t typical chicklit shes not exclusively the falli...

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    Never mind the botox is a series to watch out for, Its classy, fun and makes u want to beg for Loved it from start to finish Cannot wait till next one The series gets better and better.

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    A good little read which high lights the woes of the career minded woman instead of the usual basic Chick Lit themes.

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    I really enjoyed this book, than the other one, it was funny at times, I would definetely recommend.

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