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➵ Good-bye, Havana! Hola, New York!  Download ➾ Author Edie Colón – Tanitiyor.us
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Good-bye, Havana! Hola, New York!
  • Edie Colón
  • English
  • 14 November 2018
  • 9781442406742

Good-bye, Havana! Hola, New York! When Five Year Old Gabriella Hears Talk Of Castro And Something Called Revolution In Her Home In Cuba, She Doesn T Understand Then When Her Parents Leave Suddenly And She Remains With Her Grandparents, Life Isn T The Same Soon The Day Comes When She Goes To Live With Her Parents In A New Place Called The Bronx It Isn T Warm Like Havana, And There Is Traffic Not The Ocean Outside Her Window Their Life Is Different It Snows In The Winter And The Food At School Is Hot Dogs And Macaroni What Will It Take For The Bronx To Feel Like Home

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Good-bye, Havana! Hola, New York! book, this is one of the most wanted Edie Colón author readers around the world.

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    Gabrielle is confused when her parents leave for an extended amount of time and she is left with her grandparents When her parents come back, they reveal to her that they will be moving from Cuba to the United States Gabrielle is nervous to leave her home country and move to the whole new world New York At school in New York, she has trouble because she can not speak any English She misses her grandma and grandpa, but they cannot come over due to the political climate of the 1960s in Cuba Eventually, things start to look up for Gabrielle In school, she starts picking up English and then, it becomes safe for her grandma and grandpa to finally come to New York Gabrielle finally has her family back together Immigration and family dynamics are the major themes in this book.I thought this text did a great job of showing the changes a family has to go through when going through the immigration process I think a lot of immigrant children can relate to Gabrielle s struggles in school and he...

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    Copyright 2011Number of pages 32 pagesBook Format EbookReading level Preschool 3rd gradeGenre FictionLit requirement DiverseSummary Gabriella is a Cuban girl living with her parents, but one day they decide to move to the United States Gabriella does not know the language and has to make new friends in this new school She struggles with the idea of being at a new school, but learns the new language and the ways of the Bronx.Response This was a very good for students who are from other cultures and races that are in a classroom They would have the ability of reading a book that they can relate with the idea of moving to a new place and learning all new ideas I would give this book a 3.7 out of 5 because it would be an excellent book to use for English Language Learners, but also it would be a great opportunity for students to learn a respect of those who are not from where they are Also, it would allow for stu...

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    This story is about a young girl name Gabriella who lives in Cuba with her family One day her grandma and grandpa tells her that she will be going to the United States to live with her parents because of the revolution by Fidel Castro When she arrives to America, she s joined by her mom who tells her that this is their new home She s confused about why people are wearing boots and jackets because of the weather As she adapts to America, she misses her grandparents very much and Cuba Eventually, she learns to speak English and even makes new friends at school, but a piece of her always missed home One day, she hears that her grandparents will be joining them in America At last, their family is rejoiced with happiness and America finally feels like home to Gabriella This book would be considered non fiction autobiography because it is a story that s based on her childh...

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    Good bye, Havana Hola, New York is about a young girl moving to New York after Fidel Castro came to power She is faced with a new language, school, food, and friends When she first moves to New York, her grandparents can t come with yet because of a policy Castro made She misses them a lot while trying to learn English and go to a new school I was dissatisfied how the author brought up the revolution I would have either spoke or less about it Students at this age don t know about what took place in Cuba and adults would have to explain to them I would have liked a simple explanation of what the revolution was in the book I did enjoy how the book had a lot of Spanish in it The way the...

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    Moving to a different country is a huge change This story captures everything that this change entails Children should be aware of what other kids their age are going through This book helps students to see the kind of life changing experiences some of their...

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    Good bye, Havana Hola, New York by Edie Colon is about a little girl named Gabriella and her move from Havana, Cuba to New York City The books also tells about her transition from life in Cuba to life in America This is a historical fiction book as the...

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    Date August 30th 2014Author Edie Colon Illustrated by Raul ColonTitle Goodbye, Havana Hola, New York Plot It is Cuba 1959 Fidel Castro is brought into power and within months, Castro and his men begin to confiscate companies, banks and businesses, including the restaurant that Gabriella s family owns This change makes Gabriella s mother and father move out of Cuba to The Bronx in America Good bye, Havana Hola, New York is a story about a young girl s journey to Bronx, New York, where she will discover a new way of life and language Setting Cuba Bronx, New YorkCharacters Gabriella, Gabriella s parents mom and dad Gabriella s grand parents from both sides abuelita and abito Miss Lepoor, Penny Point of View Third person Gabriella is the main character Theme New BeginningsStyle Narrative The tone of the book is light, even though it is coming from a young girl s perspective, yet very serious because it is loosely based on the events of Fidel Castro taking control of Cuba Copyright 2011Notes I really enjoyed this book because it featured both English and Spanish text, which would be perfect for a student who is exposed to both languages or is interested in learning a different language I could see this book being used in...

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    I didn t feel like this had a lot setting it apart from other stories of a child who moves to a new home which is drastically different weather, language, etc from their old home.I appreciate that it s set around the time of the Cuban Revolution something most Americans don t learn about until adulthood , and the narrator s somewhat detached statements about some people being happy about the regime change in Cuba and other s unhappy felt appropriate to me since the story isn t specifically about the Cuban Revolution though certainly the family leaves Cuba because of it, and I don t think it would have been inappropriate for the narrator to make of a stand and it s true that public reaction in Cuba varied , but the reviewer who commented that the vagueness about why exactly the family left Cuba after Fidel Castro came to power leav es the parent reader in that awkward place where the kid wants to know what the book is talking about, but a sufficient explanatio...

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    Based on the author s actual experience, this picture book describes how a six year old girl, Gabriella, has to leave behind everything that is familiar to her in her Cuban home, even her grandparents, and move to New York, where everything is confusing and different The book provides an excellent introduction to the confusion of the Cuban citizens once Fidel Castro replaces the former president of Cuba, Fulgencio Batista and explains why Gabriella s family left their native land Once in New York, Gabriella faces cold weather, a smaller house in a bustling urban setting, school in a new language, and isolation Eventually, she comes to love some of the things about her new home, including singing Christmas songs with Spanish phrases and eating macaroni and cheese Although the author makes it sound as though learning to speak English only took a short period of time, she also de...

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    This authentic book is an autobiographical story of Edie Colon, the author, leaving her grandparents in Havana, Cuba to move to New york to reunite with her parents due to the revolution with Fidel Castro The story along with vivid pictures describes the difficulty of leaving behind the warm, beachy country of Cuba and finding a way to adjust to her new life in the not so warm and beachy New York After learning English and learning to fit in Gabriella, the main character, awaits the arrival of her grandparents from Cuba Then, she is finally able to call New York her new home The author does a great job depicting the difficulties she must overcome to fit into her new home, while also making the solution to her problem very clear This gives any student who may be going through something similar the hopes of finding peace and adjusting to their new home The author s personal experiences with this topic make the book acc...

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