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Ebook ➢ Hot Blooded Author Lisa Jackson – Tanitiyor.us
  • Kindle Edition
  • Hot Blooded
  • Lisa Jackson
  • English
  • 05 October 2018

Hot BloodedLisa Jackson Keeps Both The Romance And Suspense Sizzling In Hot Blooded Popular Late Night Radio Host Dr Samantha Leeds Has A Fan Who D Like To Love Her To Deathliterally The First Time That Samantha Received A Threatening Phone Call As The Body Of A Murdered Prostitute Was Discovered In The New Orleans French Quarter, It Seemed Like Pure Coincidence But Then It Happened Again, And Again, And The Danger Became Clear Now Dr Sam Has To Face The Fact That Some Hot Blooded Killer Is Out To Get Her And No One Knows Who It Is The Police Are Convinced It S Someone Close To Sam And Sam Has To Wonder About Her Mysterious New Neighbor, Ty Wheeler, A Handsome, Sexy Stranger Who Knows All Too Much About Her Could Ty Know Sam S Darkest Secret, The One That Someone Has Decided She Must Die For

Lisa Jackson is the number one New York Times bestselling author of than 85 novels, including Afraid to Die, Tell Me, You Don t Want to Know, Running Scared, Without Mercy, Malice, and Shiver She is also the co author of the Colony Series, co written with her sister, Nancy Bush There are over 20 million copies of Lisa Jackson s books in print in twenty languages Before she became a natio

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    2.5 StarsI don t know I expected from this author The story dragged, some parts of the story didn t make sense, the characters were underdeveloped, the writing wasn t polished enough Bit it wasn t a total disaster It was still readable It s just that, at times reading it felt like chore than fun.

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    I was given a few books by Lisa Jackson by a friend and initially thought they were romance novels as I had read a few of her Silhouette novels before I started reading HOT BLOODED, the 1st book in the New Orleans Series that feature Detectives Bentz and Montoya.i love the two characters.so different and so interesting I read the book in one go.i was unable to put it down until I finished reading the last page.The story is set in New Orleans perfect city for the story about Dr Samantha Leeds, a psychologist who hosts a radio talk show She begins getting calls at work and at home by a man calling himself John who says he knows her and she must repent for her sins.Girls being murdered, a mysterious handsome neighbor, steamy romance, twists ...

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    In one word, eh That s what this book was for me It wasn t bad, and it wasn t that great It was just okay.The characters weren t that well developed I didn t really connect with them or like them that much Probably the character I liked most was Detective Bentz.What I really disliked was whenever the book would switch to the murderer s viewpoint It just seemedI don t knowchildish That s not quite it It just wasn t believable to me I was left with the feeling that the author was just writing this character based on a bunch of stereotypes from other thriller killer stories That s not what I m looking for with a book like this I want a character that makes me shiver and hide under the covers This didn t do it for me The character was too simplistic, with no real depth, and I found myself kind of bored with him.And to make matters worse, the ending just so...

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    Fantastic read in my book Loved the whole mystery aspect, which is what it was mainly focused on It was one of those with some really good twists, that I didn t have figured out at all at the end Two suspects were vying for the spot of psychopath at the end and the twist with it was absolutely not seen until it was revealed The romance aspect was great as well, not played up as much as the mystery angle, but still good Although I have some beef with the main characters ability to forgive so easily, especially with her being a psychologist and all.My favorite character would have to be Melanie, though she was a side character I just loved the different aspects to her personality They were absolutely stunning To be able to hold so much of yourself and your life back from the people around you, those consider...

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    Lisa Jackson does a great job of spinning a mystery that keeps you guessing enough characters to throw several red herrings into the mix and twists so that you can t really guess the whole story This one is about a Psychologist that has a Radio show format to help people that is until a psycho dredges up something from her past that she would have much preferred was left buried And who is that handsome strnager that moved in up the road is he connected or is he the one guess only time will tell I have had several of Lisa Jackson s books on my bookshelf for a while now I guess other books authors looked like better reads at the time But I am really glad I got into her New Orleans series 1 I like reoccurring characters 2 I love a good mystery that I can t easily predict 3 I like her style of writing very fast reads 4 although they are deemed romantic mysteries, I like that they are light on the romance and heavy on the mystery do people hook up, ye...

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    I am impressed This one was just as good as the least one Without Mercy I was kinda surprised to see a few names and words that she uses in her writing the victims names Edie, is used in a few books, and some of the expressions she puts in her books But that could just be a Down Home Southren thing At 465 pages it also went by surprisingly fast The plot and storyline was fast paced, fun, and thrilling I am very happy I gave Mrs Jackson another chance, because these few books have been terrific I read in the author notes that this book has a sequel Cold Blooded I am very interested in getting it and staring it soon But I also heard she has a series with the detective in the book which one I do not know Bently or Montoya But if you as looking for a fast paced, thrilling, mysterious twist ending Then these are for you I had stated before that I was iffy on reading Lisa Jackson because that one book but these past 2 and the tie in from Without Mercy, have shown me that this lady has the...

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    Not a bad murder mystery plot, but I had it figured out pretty early on This book is rife with typos, which just ruins it when you run across a word that isn t even supposed to be in the sentence A lot of unnecessary re explanations going on yeah, I got it whe...

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    Doctor Sam ist aus dem Urlaub zur ck und frisch getrennt Zu Hause wartet eine Nachricht auf sie F r deine S nden sollst du b en Und das war nur die Erste von vielen Auch bei ihrer Sendung im Radio meldet sich ihr Stalker immer wieder Schnell ist klar, dass es einen Zusammenhang zu der Mordserie gibt, die die Detectives Bentz und Montoya und ganz New Orleans auf Trab h lt Aber auch zu einem jungen M dchen dem die Psychologin nicht helfen konnte Der Racheengel gibt ihr die Schuld an den Morden und ist in ihrer N he.Und dann ist da ihr Nachbar Ty Nachdem sie die Hoffnung schon aufgegeben hatte, l sst sie sich auf ihn ein Aber er ist nicht zuf llig in ihr Leben getreten Ich bin zwiegespalten Die Idee und der Plot sind gut, die Story ist interessant und birgt viele kleine Twists Insgesamt ist es atmosph risch und spannend Aber es hat auch viele L ngen, die durch viele unn tige Wiederholungen entstehen Man h tte die ganze Geschichte komprimieren k nnen Aber mir hat gefallen, dass der Romance Teil keinen zu gro en Teil des Ganzen einn...

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    I ll tell you upfront that this is the first in a series and admittedly, though I absolutely loved this book, I haven t gotten to the others yet I will I will because I m a fan of Lisa Jackson and I actually stumbled onto her by accident I won another of her books in a gift basket and I really liked it, so when I saw this on sale for 4 in a clearance bin, I grabbed it up Which turned out to be a win because it was a good book So we have Sam, who is a talk show psychologist who has clearly angered someone at some point becuase she has a nut job calling her all of the time and confessing to things that are blamed on Sam Enter hunky Detective Rick who is on the hunt for the serial killer murdering New Orlean s prostitutes The great thing about this author is that she can weave a good romance while simultaneously maintaining a great suspense She gives us lots of characters, all of which could be out per...

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    A bit juvenile the story lacked the level of tension that I would expect in a thriller I found the characters to be slightly weak, not fully developed, not fully articulate Not much about them made me find them to be likable or worth caring about as a reader, I just went through the motions with them.The dialogue felt far too often contrived and out of place while emotions were sometimes ratcheted to ridiculous degrees like bad actors in a weak play At the same time, there were times when one would expect a strong reaction and nothing but mild worry or a small trace of fear would be portrayed.The love angle between the two protagonists left me wanting She accepted his excuses too easily and he fell for her way too fast The chemistry was lukewarm and I didn t really believe in their love for one another by th...

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