[PDF] ⚣ A Call for Heresy: Why Dissent Is Vital to Islam and America ✯ Anouar Majid – Tanitiyor.us

[PDF] ⚣ A Call for Heresy: Why Dissent Is Vital to Islam and America ✯ Anouar Majid – Tanitiyor.us
  • Hardcover
  • 280 pages
  • A Call for Heresy: Why Dissent Is Vital to Islam and America
  • Anouar Majid
  • English
  • 04 April 2019
  • 9780816651276

A Call for Heresy: Why Dissent Is Vital to Islam and AmericaA Call For Heresy Discovers Unexpected Common Ground In One Of The Most Inflammatory Issues Of The Twenty First Century The Deepening Conflict Between The Islamic World And The United States Moving Beyond Simplistic Answers, Anouar Majid Argues That The Islamic World And The United States Are Both In Precipitous States Of Decline Because, In Each, Religious, Political, And Economic Orthodoxies Have Silenced The Voices Of Their Most Creative Thinkers The Visionary Nonconformists, Radicals, And Revolutionaries Who Are Often Dismissed, Or Even Punished, As Heretics The United States And Contemporary Islam Share Far Than Partisans On Either Side Admit, Majid Provocatively Argues, And This Clash Of Civilizations Is In Reality A Clash Of Competing Fundamentalisms Illustrating This Point, He Draws Surprising Parallels Between The Histories And Cultures Of Islam And The United States And Their Shortsighted Suppression Of Heresy Zandaqa, In Arabic , From Muslim Poets And Philosophers Like Ibn Rushd Known In The West As Averro S To The Freethinker Thomas Paine, And From Abu Bakr Razi And Al Farabi To Thomas Jefferson And Abraham Lincoln He Finds Bitter Irony In The Fact That Islamic Culture Is Now At War With A Nation Whose Ideals Are Losing Ground To The Reactionary Forces That Have Long Condemned Islam To Stagnation The Solution, Majid Concludes, Is A Long Overdue Revival Of Dissent Heresy Is No Longer A Contrarian S Luxury, For Only Through Encouraging An Engaged And Progressive Intellectual Tradition Can The Nations Reverse Their Decline And Finally Work Together For Global Justice And The Common Good Of Humanity.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Call for Heresy: Why Dissent Is Vital to Islam and America book, this is one of the most wanted Anouar Majid author readers around the world.

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    Salah satu penulis yang mengusung heresy dalam Islam adalah Anouar Majid Dalam buku yang diberi sub judul Mengapa Penyimpangan Vital Artinya buat Islam dan Amerika, Majid menyejajarkan Islam dengan Amerika, seolah olah dua agama atau bangsa yang sejajar posisinya dan saling bersaing Alih alih menyoroti keburukan Islam dan menyoroti keunggulan Amerika, atau sebaliknya, Majid memilih menyoroti kekuatan masing masing dan mengurai permasalahan terkait sisi sisi negatif keduanya, dan bagaimana cara mempertemukan dua hal yang sebenarnya berpotensi, dan sedikit terbukti, saling mendukung ini Dengan bahasa yang sangat santun, sulit kiranya orang langsung marah dan menuduhnya merongrong Islam atau sebagainya, meskipun yang dia sarankan adalah pemikiran bebas , sesuatu yang bisa dibilang negatif dalam tradisi Islam Membaca bab Pendahuluan buku ini dengan agak methentheng, hehehe takut melewatkan yang penting D , saya merasa menemukan sebuah gagasan yang sangat penting buat skripsi saya, sekaligus juga buat diri saya sendiri sebagai Muslim yang bena...

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    I first must say that this is the first review I ve done of a book by an author who openly questions things that are widely held tenets of Muslims such as the divine origin of the Qur an, its complete transmission to us today, the infallibility of the Messenger Muhammad , the necessity of obeying the shari ah doing the ritual prayers, avoiding the consumption of prohibited items such as wine, etc and the reality of the Day of Judgment While I do believe in these statements and I hope that one day my actions catch up with them, I have felt for a long time the necessity of embracing those who don t subscribe to these items.The first benefit of embracing these people is that they often are producers in their societies, meaning driving them away impoverishes the nation How many cities in the United States thrive because of concentrations of gays and lesbians Did not Iran lose a lot when so many Iranians left the country after the 1979 revolution And while there are many reasons people leave predominantly Muslim countries, there s no need to add repression to that list.Second, and importantly, the energy we orthodox Muslims spend discussing the errors of their ways distracts us from improvi...

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    I remember working on the book at the UMPress sneaking reads while making photocopies to send out for review So I am happy to read it now in its full, bookish form Plus my buddy Jason gets mad props in the acknowledgments Yay Jason

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    only through the intro, but it is pretty spot on with my assessment of the world and the important points of emphasis.

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    A Call for Heresy Why Dissent Is Vital to Islam and America by Anouar Majid 2007

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    Pap so far

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