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✤ Spells Download ➸ Author Aprilynne Pike – Tanitiyor.us
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Spells
  • Aprilynne Pike
  • Italian
  • 06 September 2017
  • 9788820050078

SpellsIniziata L Estate, Ma La Vita Di Laurel Non Pi La Stessa Ora Che Sa Di Essere Una Fata, Non Pu Ignorare Le Sue Responsabilit Nei Confronti Del Regno Di Avalon E Cos , Quando Viene Convocata Dall Accademia Delle Fate Per Un Corso Intensivo Di Magia, Decide Subito Di Partire Ad Avalon, Laurel Potr Finalmente Essere Se Stessa Imparer Gli Incantesimi Che Le Permetteranno Di Difendere Le Porte Segrete Del Regno Dal Temibile Jeremiah Barnes E Realizzer Cos Il Suo Destino.Ma Tornare Ad Avalon Significa Molto Di Pi Vuol Dire Rimettere In Discussione Tutto E Ferire La Persona Che Pi Ama Al Mondo, Il Suo Dolcissimo Fidanzato Umano, David Perch L Rivedr Tamani Sono Passati Molti Mesi Dal Loro Ultimo Incontro, E Laurel Crede Di Averlo Dimenticato Per , Quando Lui La Stringe Di Nuovo Tra Le Braccia, Professandole A Eterno, Dentro Di Lei Si Risvegliano Emozioni Inebrianti, Emozioni Che David Non Mai Riuscito A Farle Provare Ancora Una Volta Contesa Tra Due Mondi, E Tra Due Ragazzi Tanto Diversi Quanto Irresistibili, Laurel Dovr Compiere Una Scelta Dolorosissima, Che Forse Le Spezzer Il Cuore Per Sempre.Ma La Salvezza Di Avalon Appesa A Un Filo E Per Laurel Giunto Il Momento Di Decidere Qual Davvero Il Suo Posto, Tra Gli Umani O Tra Le Fate Qual Il Suo Futuro, Con Il Tenero David O Con L Affascinante Tamani Il Secondo, Attesissimo Capitolo Della Saga Di Wings Una Lettura Piena Di Magia, Romanticismo E Avventura, Una Travolgente Storia D A.

Aprilynne Pike has been spinning faerie stories since she was a child with a hyper active imagination At the age of twenty she received her BA in Creative Writing from Lewis Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho When not writing, Aprilynne can usually be found at the gym she also enjoys singing, acting, reading, and working with pregnant moms as a childbirth educator and doula Aprilynne curre

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    I thought Wings was bad, but this just takes it to a whole new level And it all started with the revelation that Eve yes, THAT Eve, mother of humankind for Christians and Jews was a faery It s true On page 102, during a scene in which Laurel is discussing her relationship with David with her faery friend, Katya, we have the following scene The look on Katya s face was one of genuine concern She shrugged It s been a long time since Avalon involved itself in human affairs I know it s necessary, sometimes But it seems like relationships between humans and faeries always end badly Laurel s head jerked back Really Sure Sanzang, Scheherazade, Guinevere And then there was that disgraceful incident with Eve Several paragraph s later, at the end of the scene on page 103, Laural look s over at Katya, one eyebrow raised Eve Seriously Of course Why What do the humans say about her And that s the only information we re given I m sorry, you can t just change such a significant person as Eve and make her a faery without offering any explanation Yet, that s what she does And the book only gets worse from there Don t even get me started on what she does to Sha...

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    I picked up this book simply because I wanted to know what happened to these Mary Sues I had no interest in the plot I had no interest in the story itself And because I would enjoy a good laugh I didn t This was so bad that it didn t even let me laugh at its stupidity It was that stupid First of all, Pike s writing is exactly like Meyer s They both describe the most irrelevant things They both have an adjective for every noun on each freaking page It bothers me to complete death Second, the main character, Laurel, toys with these boys hearts all along One time she s with David, and then comes back to her faerie world t...

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    What a way to leave a girl hanging Aprilynne Pike has now mastered the cliff hanger ending, right down to the last paragraph Man, now how do I possibly wait until 2011 for Illusions This was a great novel from Aprilynne Pike I really enjoyed the building of characters and the glimpse into the life of Laurel before she was human The world of faerie according to Aprilynne is fascinating, and she really gets me thinking about how Laurel s character might change the faerie world some day.Now, I really like David He is an acceptional teenage human boy, who truely loves Laurel But, in all human and other creature relationships, its not going to be perfect forever Laurel is not going to age for sometime and it will start to be noticeable as David does She is going to stay a faerie and David will age I like their relationship but I am a bigger fan of Tamani and Laurel Who wouldn t be Tamani has made sacrifices all his life for his true love, even when she can t remember how it used to be Tamani would never give up on her no matter what, even when he knows how Laurel feels about David ...

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    It is funny, the last time I read this book I rated it 4 stars and never finished the series Well, I am now determined to finish it, with only 2 books left to read.

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    Hi.My name is Laurel and I m the most perfect creature to ever walk the earth That s because I m a faerie, and every autumn a beautiful flower grows out of my back That makes me special, because I m not human But when I go and live with the faeries, I m not faerie either, because I was adopted by humans So I can lord around the intricately built faerie culture and tell them how stupid their caste system is, and break all the rules with no repercussions Because did I mention I m special I also cry at everything I cry when people are nice to me because that NEVER happens , I cry when people are angry at me, I cry when I m talking to someone and I cry when I can t do something right I m a big fat crybaby But it s okay, because even though I m a plant, I do still have tear ducts But they probably don t cry saltwater, because saltwater is icky on my plant pores and saps my strength.Anyway, I ve just spent my summer at the faerie Academy, where of course I couldn t do anything right for no specified reason It makes me cry I m probably too human, but that s okay, because I m really a faerie, remember Faeries are totally awesome because despite being plants they are graceful and in sch...

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    In the sequel to Wings, a year has passed for Laurel who found out that she was a faerie Although she completely accepts who and what she is, she refuses to turn her back on the life that she has always known, her life with human parents and friends This is causing a few problems in Avalon as Laurel really needs to learn what it means to be a real faerie and Tamani begins to show his true feelings After spending the whole summer relearning her magic in Avalon, Laurel knows she cannot hide her feelings for Tamani but actually choosing between him and David could mean losing one of them for good Laurel also knew that the troll problem wasn t completely gone but she thought that she and David were being protected Her magic hasn t been going very well so far but it could save both the human and faerie world if she can finally get something right As I said in my review of Wings, I couldn t wait to start on this book and I ended up reading it in one sitting The story was both interesting and exciting at different times which was helped by the mix of settings throughout I really liked the fact that the book is pretty much split in two The first half seems to be about knowledge and explanations while the second half is all about adventure and excitement I know this could seem like there is just a slow build up but there was enough going on for me to stay interes...

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    I liked this book because we saw of Tamani and Avalon What I didn t like was how Laural handled Tam lol I agree with Shar that she has been unfair to Tam I am so Team Tam I like david ok, but I love Tam I really hope that this works out No...

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    3,5 5

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    Find my reviews on Blogger Reviews by Bookish Sarah Okay, seriously, just pack my suitcases right now I am moving to Avalon Spells begins a number of months after the events of Wings The time has come for Laurel to depart from her normal life to the academy in Avalon, where she will be taught what it means to be a Fall faerie Laurel struggles with learning all of the things she missed and has forgotten while posing as a human She isn t sure what to make of just about any of her peers at the academy Some seemed to have missed her, others seem to wish she wouldn t have come back, while others seem to be indifferent altogether She also learns that in faerie hierarchy, Spring fae like her friend than friend Tamani are treated as no than servants and she does not like standing by quietly while it happens.While Laurel is in Avalon, she and Tamani grow closer than ever and when it s time to go back home to David, she becomes confused I have to say that I hated Laurel at some parts in this book She treats Tamani pretty badly and I just wanted to reach my foot into the book and give her a swift kick in the derri re As far as the love triangle goes, I truly hope she e...

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